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Strategic Questions Postcard Series


The NAIS Strategic Questions Postcard series is designed to offer compelling data points around a critical topic -- such as financial aid or governance -- as well as related strategic questions that your leadership team can explore around that topic. 

Strategic Questions: Heads and Boards (April 2013)

Download the PDF of the postcard.

Heads and boards are more aligned than ever. How can they continue to be on the same page and prioritize their work?





Strategic Questions: Child Safety (January 2013)

Download the PDF of the postcard.

What does "safety" mean to your school's families, and what are you doing to address it from all angles? 

Strategic Questions: Affordability (November 2012)

In light of rising tuitions and stagnating incomes in the U.S., how will you adjust your enrollment management strategies? 



Strategic Questions: Online Learning

Download the PDF of the postcard.

What are your school’s plans for online learning, and how will you think through implementation strategically?


Strategic Questions: Governance 

Download the PDF of the postcard.

Do your board’s composition and practices allow it to most effectively lead your school?

Strategic Questions: Faculty Development

Download the PDF of the postcard.

Given the high-level of impending teacher retirement and a shortage in high-qualified candidates choosing o teach, what is your strategy for recruiting, rewarding, and retaining the best teachers?


 Strategic Questions: Financial Aid

How does your school balance offering aid to increase access with keeping tuition affordable?




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Article Date: 12/21/2012
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