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 Head of School Assessment Survey


It is best practice for boards to evaluate the head of school on an annual basis. This confidential survey lets board members evaluate the overall effectiveness of the head of school in meeting his or her annual goals, and in performance of day-to-day work such as program management, fund raising, and board-head relations.

The Head of School Assessment Survey is priced at $350 for member schools and $750 for nonmember schools. This fee includes:

  • the use of the NAIS Head of School Assessment tool,
  • customization for your school through the addition of your logo and up to four additional questions,
  • launching of the survey and data collection through the NAIS Survey Center system, and
  • customized reports and graphs detailing both percentages and raw numbers, as well as responses to open-ended questions.

The Head of School Assessment Survey is divided into three parts. Part I addresses how well the head performs in relation to NAIS’s Principles of Good Practice for Trustees, Part II assesses the head's performance in meeting individual goals, and Part III identifies priorities for the coming year — a good way to get a head start in goal setting.

We recommend that the Head of School Assessment Survey should only be taken by members of the board (and in some cases the head of school). The survey should not be used as a 360 feedback assessment because of the format and nature of the individual questions.


Please consider the sample survey questions from the Head of School Assessment Survey, and if your school is interested in purchasing this valuable survey, click here.

To see other surveys available via Survey Center, select this link.

Article Date: 9/9/2008
Member Perspectives


on learning from one another
"Our school is in the midst of a strategic plan, and I've found custom benchmarking to be invaluable as I've responded to the same question about a myriad of school data -- 'I wonder how other schools do it?'"


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