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 Virtual Science Fair

NAIS is no longer offering the Virtual Science Fair program. For a similar program for students ages 13-18, please see the Google Science Fair, and please continue to share your innovative science projects with us at Inspiration Lab.
Below please see a list of past VSF winning projects. 

2014 Virtual Science Fair Winners

1st Place - Canton Country Day School (OH) Team "Effects on Heart Rate"

The 2014 winner is Anika Krishna of Canton Country Day School (OH) for her investigation into the effects on heart rate of a caffeine-based energy drink and a cold/cough medicine for children containing phenylephrine and dextromethorphan. The tests were conducted on water fleas – and both products indicated a strong increase in heart rate, with the energy drink producing a slightly greater increase. Anika points out that energy drinks are not recommended for younger children, but the cough medicine is.

2nd Place - Chadwick International School (Korea) "Efficacy of Eyeliners"

The first runner up is Luna Hwang of the Chadwick International School (Korea), who tested the efficacy of liquid versus gel eyeliners, when subjected to higher temperatures, water, oils and creams, and friction. Her hypothesis and conclusion were that the liquids were more resistant and longer-lasting.

3rd Place through 5th Place - The Langley School (VA) Teams

2013 Virtual Science Fair Winners

1st Place - Canton Country Day School Team "Swimming"

Won for a study of finger positioning used in swimming strokes to determine which is the most efficient. Small changes can reduce times in competitive events. Used models of a hand in 4 different positions (degree of spread of fingers) which were suspended in a water tank while the water was pushed against them by a pump and the resistance was measured by  a pressure sensor. The experiment was repeated 120 times for each model and the results tabulated. Download Canton Country's video (108 MB).

2nd Place - The Langley School Team 38

Investigated how  the amount of salinity in water affects buoyancy.

3rd Place - The Langley School Team 37

Investigated how green fluorescent protein, which makes jellyfish glow, might be used in cells of other animals as a tracking device, by injecting it into human cells in a lab.

2012 Virtual Science Fair Winners

For the second year in a row, The Chapin School in New York City has won the NAIS National Virtual Science Fair competition for middle school students.

Emily Ryeom of The Chapin School won first prize for her experiments on using different agents to illuminate oil. The idea is that an illuminating agent could be added to oil spills, enabling cleanup crews to work in the dark as well as during daylight – something that would increase efficiency and speed the cleanup process.

Second place went to Stefanie Pousoulides from Canton Country Day School (OH), who conducted experiments on the properties and movement of banana DNA and various food coloring dyes using gel electrophoresis (the motion of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under the influence of a spatially uniform electric field).

Third place went to Mia Perry from Pine Point School (CT). The Fourth and Fifth Place finishers, Sofia Caro and Katherine Jovanovic, are both from Pine Crest Preparatory School (FL).

Emily and Stephanie will now compete for the International Virtual Science Fair championship against teams from 8 other countries. Emily, who is participating in a pilot program teaming students from different countries, will be working with students from international schools in Israel and Germany.

2011 Virtual Science Fair Winners  

Amelia O'Donohue, Lily McCann, and Susan Yun of The Chapin School (NY) are the winners of the NAIS Virtual Science Fair for 2011. They were selected by e-judges as the top team in the overall competition for middle schools, which involved 8 schools and more than 300 students. The winning project explored the relationship between the circumference of a balloon and ambient air temperature.

Article Date: 2/13/2015
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