Emotion Emotion: Exhibiting passion and commitment.
Stories of individual students are what drive schools and what can help schools communicate their unique value to current and prospective families, teachers, and the wider community. At NAIS we amplify these individual and collective stories to illustrate the role they play in advancing the nation's education offerings.

In the spirit of this core value, we are focusing our resources in the following areas:

Community and Idea Sharing

  • Inspiration Lab is a story-sharing website where you can raise awareness of what makes your school unique. 
  • The NAIS Member Voices podcast features a discussion with a staff member at an NAIS member school in each episode. Hear about his or her role, challenges, successes, inspiration sources, and more.
  • Our media relations efforts promote stories of excellence in the media. Our Schools in the News page keeps you abreast of coverage of independent schools and education.
  • We know that beyond resources, the emotional value for individuals to belonging to NAIS is in interacting with other school professionals around the country to share passion and experiences. We offer in-person events and online communities to nurture this connection.