Excellence Excellence: Achieving extraordinary quality
This is the heart of the independent school experience: providing students an excellent educational and life experience. At NAIS, we strive to highlight this excellence to the wider world, and to make our programming, tools, and resources excellent so they can better help you.

In the spirit of this core value, we are focusing our resources in the following areas:

Community and Idea Sharing

  • Inspiration Lab is a story-sharing website where we can amplify the excellence of individual schools and independent schools as a community.
  • Member schools learn from one another about good practice. The NAIS Principles of Good Practice spell out standards of best practice in use at schools.
  • The NAIS Connect online communities provide a venue for schools to share ideas about what makes their school excellent.

Professional and Leadership Development

  • We provide in-person and virtual development opportunities to help individuals build the knowledge and experience needed to demonstrate excellence on their campuses.


  • Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) is the independent school community's tool for collecting and using data to make smart school decisions. Benchmarking can help schools evaluate, set goals, and run more efficiently.