NAIS Action Center

NAIS keeps the independent school community informed, advocates on behalf of independent schools, and encourages schools to get involved themselves in issues that affect our students. In light of the recent school shootings and resultant political activity, NAIS is opening the NAIS Action Center to provide a conduit for independent school community members — including leadership, staff, students, and parents — to share insights, support, and ideas with state and federal lawmakers.

NAIS is not currently lobbying for specific legislation or advocating a particular political stance on this issue. The organization has released this statement encouraging lawmakers to take meaningful action to protect students. Schools may wish to reach out to their representatives and other public figures with information that provides background and relevant context. If your school, or you individually, would like to send a message to your representatives, NAIS recommends that your message reflect your school’s mission and align with those topics most important to you. Such topics may include student safety, keeping schools free from gun violence, and student mental and physical health and well-being.

Providing a safe environment in which to learn is a vital requirement of any education institution, and NAIS is committed to ensuring that members of our diverse and committed community of schools have their voices heard.

Below, you can send a message to your federal or state elected officials with just a few clicks.