School Surveys

NAIS offers a variety of surveys that schools can use to get input from key stakeholders. Scroll down to read about and/or order any of the following surveys:
  • Board Self-Assessment
  • Head of School Assessment
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey
  • College-Age Alumni Survey
  • Survey of Families Admitted but not Enrolling
  • Parent Exit Survey
  • Post-College Alumni Survey
  • Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Survey

Single SurveyClick “Single Survey” to order a single use of any of the surveys listed below. The price includes license, use of Survey Center web platform, and reporting and benchmarking results.

About NAIS Surveys

Stakeholder surveys give valuable insight into the experience of individuals and groups in your school community. NAIS offers a variety of surveys you can customize to suit your school’s characteristics and areas of focus. Using these instruments provides several advantages over building your own surveys:

  • Valid and Reliable – The questions are designed and tested by survey scientists in order to produce valid and useful results;
  • Customizable – You can add new questions to the instruments to make them applicable to your school and community;
  • Useful Comparisons – Standardized instruments allow you to benchmark your school’s results against results for groups of schools with characteristics you choose;
  • Year-to-Year Trends – Using the same questions year to year allows you to track trends in your stakeholders’ feedback;
  • Full Service – NAIS staff will work in close consultation with you to implement the survey from configuration through reporting, saving you valuable time;
  • Secure Data – Your data stay with a trusted source and remain available for your analysis and tracking of trends, and;
  • Integrated Information – Combine data from stakeholder surveys with trends and benchmarks of your school’s data in DASL to gain valuable insights into key leadership issues.

NAIS Survey Process 

The NAIS team will help administer your survey from start to finish. Here is what you can expect of the process after you purchase a survey.
  • Confirmation Email with Customization Information. Immediately following purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that will include questions for you about your survey (timing, customized questions, logo, etc.) Please complete and return this information to NAIS as quickly as possible.
  • Survey Preview. Within 10 business days of NAIS receiving all customization materials, you will receive a link from the Survey Center to preview your customized survey. The sooner you review and approve, the sooner we are able to launch your survey.
  • Survey Launch. Upon written approval, NAIS will publish your survey and send you the link along with a sample email message to send to your constituents.
  • Survey Closing and Final Reports. Within three business days after the survey closes, you will receive a report with your survey results.

Learn About NAIS Surveys

Board Self-Assessment

The most effective boards take time every year to assess their performance in an effort to hone their leadership ability and better serve their schools. With this confidential survey, trustees can assess their personal effectiveness, the board’s performance as a whole, and how these affect the board’s strategic ability, fiduciary responsibilities, and partnership with the head of school.

The Board Self-Assessment Survey is divided into two parts. Part I addresses how well the board performs in relation to NAIS’s Principles of Good Practice for Trustees, while Part II assesses individual trustee performance and identifies focus areas for the coming year.

Head of School Assessment

It is best practice for boards to evaluate the head of school on an annual basis. This confidential survey lets board members evaluate the overall effectiveness of the head of school in meeting his or her annual goals, and in performance of day-to-day work such as program management, fund raising, and board-head relations.

The Head of School Assessment Survey is divided into three parts. Part I addresses how well the head performs in relation to NAIS’s Principles of Good Practice for Trustees, Part II assesses the head's performance in meeting individual goals, and Part III identifies priorities for the coming year — a good way to get a head start in goal setting.

Parent Satisfaction

Do you know how pleased your parents are with your school's services or what attracted them in the first place? This survey provides valuable information on parents' satisfaction with your school's academics, services, communications, school climate, expenditures, and admission and selection process. In addition, this survey comes in elementary only and elementary through high school versions.

The Parent Survey is divided into various sections, each requesting information on parents' satisfaction with various aspects of the school's academic program and services, and the criteria they used in selecting your school. This survey is available for K-12 schools and K-8 schools.

College-Age Alumni/ae

Never has it been more important for schools to collect hard data on what they deliver. From academic preparation to community service work, this valuable tool will give you the facts on the many ways your school has contributed to your alumni's success.

The College-Age Alumni Survey is divided into eight sections, including educational and vocational plans, preparation for and selection of college, the overall college experience, and communication with the alum's independent school. An alumnae version of this survey is also available.

Survey of Families Admitted but not Enrolling

Are you wondering why some parents choose another school rather than yours, even though you have admitted their children as students? This survey asks parents to rate your school in areas such as, academics, extracurricular activities, diversity, and the admissions process. It also asks respondents to compare your school to peer and competitor schools.

Survey audience: Parents of accepted students who declined the offer

Best time to administer: After the deadline for enrollment

Parent Exit Survey

When parents withdraw their children from your school, it’s an opportunity to learn and ask them questions. This survey will help you learn why they withdrew and potentially shine a light on problems you can address. The survey also allows parents to rate your school in comparison to the new school they chose for their children.

Survey audience: Parents who have withdrawn their children from the school

Best time to administer: Right after enrollments for the next school year

Post-College Alumni Survey

Would you like to know what your students are up to after they graduate from college? This survey asks your alumni where they are in their lives and careers and how the education at your school contributed to their long-term success.

Survey audience: Alumni

Best time to administer: Any time during the year

Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Survey

This survey is designed to help you improve retention and pinpoint what your employees like and dislike about working at your school. It covers several categories, such as compensation and benefits to leadership to professional development.

Survey audience: All faculty, staff, and administration

Best time to administer: Any time during the school year