Call to Action


The mission of the Call-to-Action (CTA), NAIS’s national think tank and advisory counsel on diversity, is:

  • to address current and emerging issues of equity and justice in independent schools;
  • to support the creation of healthy inclusive and equitable educational communities;
  • to identify best practices and assist in the development of sustainable initiatives and action steps for NAIS and its member schools; and
  • to provide opportunities for mutual support and professional development for its membership.


The vice president of the Leadership Education and Diversity Team, with recommendations from current CTA members and others in the field, selects CTA members. Participants should include a representative group of people working in independent schools defined as follows:

  • those who have answered the call before as well as those answering for the first time;
  • those who have demonstrated passion, commitment, competence, and initiative, through training, association, and action;
  • those with current employment in NAIS member schools, agencies, or associations;
  • those representing diverse geographic regions, a range of positions and roles in independent schools, and diversity in all its manifestations; and
  • SDLC co-chairs and PoCC local committee co-chairs.

CTA members are supported by their schools, agencies, or associations in attending the annual summer meeting. CTA members agree to attend at least one meeting every two years to retain membership. Those CTA members who do not attend at least one meeting every two years and who do not contribute to the work of CTA in other ways (CTA listserve, work at PoCC/SDLC, etc.), will be dropped from membership prior to the annual summer meeting.


CTA is responsible for:

  • advising and supporting the vice president and director of programs of the Leadership Education and Diversity Team;
  • assisting in the development of PoCC/SDLC as well as other initiatives and projects of the Leadership Education and Diversity Team; and
  • advocating for underrepresented constituents of independent schools.