Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources: Online and Distance Learning

Updated October 12, 2020

As schools navigate their options and move to online and distance learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following resources may help.
We will continue to curate resources to add to this page.

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How will you deliver instruction? See below for helpful tools to support your evolving remote learning plans. 

How will you deliver content?

Building Community

How will you design and create a positive and engaging online environment? See below for ways to support the whole child through remote learning. 

Stay Healthy
  • Facilitated movement/brain breaks - GoNoodle
Mindfulness  Practice Gratitude  Stay Connected and Focused

Professional Learning

What resources can you leverage to continue to learn about effective remote instruction? See below for organizations’ and schools’ tips and advice on moving to remote learning.

Remote Learning Resources for Educators and Administrators Scheduling Access Supporting Learning Differences Remotely

Additional Resources