Equity in Action

Creating Community out of Diversity

Excerpt from the NAIS Strategic Plan

In recognition of its deep commitment to diversity and multicultural education, NAIS will lead schools toward the objectives of equity and justice. The objective of multicultural education is to celebrate our differences while building communities of inclusion and acceptance. NAIS has long supported schools in their efforts to empower marginalized groups. While it will continue to do so, NAIS resources must now be focused more powerfully on support for schools pursuing the goal of developing inclusive communities communities that recognize both the richness brought by difference, and that which is discovered through commonality. NAIS has a moral imperative to lead everyone in independent education to create community out of diversity. NAIS will pursue these objectives by:

  • Emphasizing that diversity has many dimensions including gender, race, class, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, and ability;
  • Leading all to understand that the greatest challenge in addressing multicultural education is to build cohesive and inclusive school communities; and 
  • Clarifying that these goals cannot be isolated or delegated: They must inform all that NAIS does.

Guiding Principles for Operation:

  • While all members of the NAIS staff, from the newest to the most veteran, must model and share in the goals of diversity and multicultural education, one or more senior staff members will have responsibility to ensure that these goals are continually addressed as a major part of their portfolios.
  • Final accountability rests with the president. The president will be charged with developing internal structures to meet these objectives. All staff will be hired, trained, and supervised so as to ensure that NAIS has a breadth of vision and depth of expertise.
  • Clearly articulated goals will be stated annually to demonstrate the organization's commitment to action.
  • Oversight responsibility rests with the board to determine whether these goals and objectives are achieved through annual review and evaluation.