Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide

August 2010

What is your school about? Do people recognize your brand? Does it matter to them? As authors Carol Cheney and Peter Gow explain in Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide, messages and brands help create long-lasting relationships with current and prospective constituents, relationships that are essential to your institution's sustainability. While it has always been important to articulate who you are, now it is critical to not only know how to distinguish your school from the competition, but to actually make it happen.

This collection of articles covers two facets of marketing: branding and messaging. (Look for NAIS's Marketing Handbook, to be released in Winter 2011, to cover marketing as a whole.) Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide is full of practical thinking and suggestions that will make the process of deciphering what your school is about manageable and engaging. While each article stands alone, taken together, they can help you devise an effective messaging and branding plan for your school. We hope you find the Guide valuable. It is the latest addition to our collection of financially sustainable school resources prepared exclusively for NAIS schools.

Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide (PDF)