Organizations as Global Education Resources: China

This web page is a clearinghouse of nonprofit organizations that offer global education resources, products, and services. The purpose of the site is to provide resources to schools to develop their own global education programs in the area of China:

  • Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation
    Ameson facilitates partnerships between Chinese and American high schools. Its SAYA program offers schools one-week mutual exchanges with a Chinese school. It also offers heads of schools interested in partnerships a 10-day trip to China similar to the Hanban China Bridge: Heads pay airfare and Ameson covers all in country expenses.
  • China Institute
    China Institute is the oldest bicultural organization in the United States focused on China, with a mission of promoting a deeper understanding of China through programs in education, culture, and art. China Institute provides professional development for K-12 educators through its Teach China and Mandarin for Mandarin Teachers courses, and offers instruction in Chinese language, biannual art exhibitions, and public programs on a variety of China-related topics. 
  • Dipont Education Management Group
    Dipont is a Chinese company that can provide Mandarin teachers. They are also interested in hiring Americans to teach in China.
  • Hanban, The Office of Chinese Language International
    Hanban is the executive body of the Chinese Language Council International, a non-governmental and nonprofit organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China. Hanban is committed to making Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services available to the world, to meeting the demands of overseas Chinese learners to the utmost, and to contributing to the formation of a world of cultural diversity and harmony.  Its website also offers a bookstore.
  • JESIE (The Jiangsu Academic Community International)
    The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education runs an extensive program of contacts with partner schools in other countries. It offers student exchanges, principal and teacher training programs (including an annual conference for heads of school in Jiangsu), Chinese language development programs, and joint study projects, including summer camps for American students in China. It would also like to place Chinese students in U.S. schools.
  • Sino Language Gateway (SLG)
    Sino Language Gateway (SLG) is a non-profit organization established by American and Chinese professionals in 2003 to promote cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the rest of the world. SLG dedicates to help youth in achieving their desire of mastering Chinese in addition of their native language, whether it is English, Spanish or French. We recognize the importance and usefulness of the Chinese language, and wish more people from the globe could come and explore.
  • The Association for International Practical Training (AIPT)
    The Association for International Practical Training is best known for its programs that send U.S. teachers overseas, but it also brings international teachers to the United States. AIPT connects certified international teachers with U.S. schools for up to three years through the J-1 Teacher visa. It is now able to provide guest teachers from China to teach Mandarin. Schools pay a fee for the service, and must conform with State Department policies on guest teachers' salaries and benefits.
  • The China Exchange Initiative (CEI)
    The purpose of the China Exchange Initiative is to build and support educational exchange programs between schools in the United States and schools in China. Exchange programs provide an opportunity for students, teachers, administrators, and families of school communities on both sides to become involved in the excitement of intercultural learning. It is funded by a grant from the Freeman Foundation to help introduce Chinese and American schools and to support educational exchange programs between them. On both sides, host families provide housing, teachers teach in classrooms, and students attend classes.

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