The Inclusive School

The Inclusive School: A Selection of Writing on Diversity Issues in Independent Schools

For practical, moral, and academic reasons, a quality school in the 21st century requires a deep understanding of diversity and how schools can work against some of the larger cultural confusion about diversity in America in order to educate the next generation of enlightened leaders and engaged citizens. But developing and maintaining diverse, inclusive communities is an ongoing challenge for schools, requiring constant attention, good will, and continuing dialogue.

For that reason, Independent School Editor Michael Brosnan has put together this selection of essential articles from the magazine that draw on the expertise of seasoned practitioners in the field and cover the broad spectrum of diversity issues — including race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and more.

In short, The Inclusive School is designed to help schools, in their quest for true excellence, to institutionalize their commitment to equity and justice through a deep understanding of the interwoven aspects of diversity. As Gene Batiste, NAIS vice president, School Consultancy Services and Equity and Justice Initiatives, puts it, “[The collection] serves as an exemplar of what has been accomplished, but even more important, what still needs our attention as we continue to strive for the full engagement and empowerment of all in independent schools.”

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