Job Description Template

A good job description helps ensure a good match between the candidate and the school, as well as a fair hiring process. Use this template to ensure your job descriptions are up to par.

​Job Title:


Reports to:

Job Summary
[Describe the job’s primary purpose or contribution to the department or to the school.]

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
[List the job’s essential or most important job duties and responsibilities. Include a requirement to support the school’s mission and culture, to have good attendance, and to be a positive team player. Be sure to include daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and periodic responsibilities.]

Other Duties
[Include any other duties that may be required of the position, such as coaching responsibilities, dorm duties, advising, or other specific duties. Be sure to include language that says “such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.” Also be sure to include any job duties unique to the position such as work hours, travel, weekend duties, etc.]

Qualification Requirements
[List the education, experience, and other skills required for the position (e.g., bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate, excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to get along with co-workers and other school community members, etc.).]

Written by Linda S. Johnson. Johnson is director of the litigation department and co-chair of the education law group at Mclane Middleton.