Advocacy for Independent Schools

What perceptions do the public, the media, and law makers have on independent schools?

The 2011 NAIS Parent Motivations Survey
September 28, 2011 
In 2011, NAIS conducted a 10-month research project to study how parents learn about various school options, what they value in an education, and what motivates them to select independent schools. The 2011 NAIS Parent Motivations Survey divided the parent audience into five segments, based on parents' attitudes and motivations, and evaluated which types of messages resonate with each segment. This report also offers tips to help you reach out to parents more effectively

NAIS 2009 Parent Views on Independent Schools, Given the Current Economic Situation​
June 28, 2012 
Investigates whether the recession is affecting parents’ interest in and attitudes about independent schools.

NAIS 2006 National Public Opinion Poll
June 28, 2012 
Investigates the public’s awareness and perceptions of independent schools, and includes recommendations for schools to communicate the value of independent education.

NAIS 1999 National Public Opinion Poll on Perceptions of Independent Schools
July 25, 2010 
Identifies characteristics the American public associates with a quality education and examines perceptions of independent schools.