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  • Spring 2020

    The success of an independent school relies on a strong board of trustees, one that fundamentally understands the essence of the school⁠—why it exists, what its purpose is, and who it serves. A school’s success also relies on a strong head-board relationship. This issue explores critical issues at the heart of this foundational relationship, examining how heads and boards can be most effective, stay agile in time of change, and explore structures to ensure board accountability.

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  • Winter 2020

    As the price of tuition rises, demographics shift, and the value of an independent school education is under the microscope, financial sustainability has become a critical issue. Schools are looking more closely at their markets and using strategies within advancement, enrollment management, financial aid, and other areas to help ensure a strategy that sustains. In this issue, we explore critical intersections and questions around tuition, financial aid, and access and affordability. 

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  • Fall 2019

    International student enrollment has broad implications for the independent school community. Beyond being part of a diversified enrollment and revenue strategy, international programs help schools prepare students for a global world and changing workforce. In this issue, we explore the intersections of diverse student populations and global education, trends in recruitment, what boards need to know about international enrollment, how schools can better support international students, and more.

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