Independent School Magazine

  • Spring 2019

    As the education landscape continues to evolve—absorbing demographic, economic, technological, and lifestyle changes, to name a few—independent schools must develop strategies to remain relevant and chart a course for the future. In this issue, we explore the physical to the philosophical, including blending strategy with innovation, balancing tradition with transformation, and moving from flexibility to adaptability in the classroom.

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  • Winter 2019

    From communicating independent schools’ value proposition to establishing their financial security to engaging the families and community that support them, the advancement function is critical. What does the landscape in schools look like today? This issue explores the strategic connections among all of advancement’s parts, including fundraising outreach, alumni engagement, marketing and admissions, crisis communications, and more.

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  • Fall 2018

    Independent schools seek, as part of their missions, to be diverse, equitable, inclusive, welcoming places. But how are we delivering on that mission? How are we accommodating students from all socioeconomic backgrounds? How are we aligning our hiring and diversity goals? What role does bias play in the admission process? This issue explores the complexities and inherent tensions in the quest to create a diverse community and experience.

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