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  • Winter 2020

    As the price of tuition rises, demographics shift, and the value of an independent school education is under the microscope, financial sustainability has become a critical issue. Schools are looking more closely at their markets and using strategies within advancement, enrollment management, financial aid, and other areas to help ensure a strategy that sustains. In this issue, we explore critical intersections and questions around tuition, financial aid, and access and affordability. 

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  • Fall 2019

    International student enrollment has broad implications for the independent school community. Beyond being part of a diversified enrollment and revenue strategy, international programs help schools prepare students for a global world and changing workforce. In this issue, we explore the intersections of diverse student populations and global education, trends in recruitment, what boards need to know about international enrollment, how schools can better support international students, and more.

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  • Summer 2019

    Educating the whole child has been a part of independent schools throughout their history. But many have now have begun to recognize that students’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being is the foundation of their success. This issue examines reframing the conversation around success, supporting students in their digital lives, changing school cultures around sexual abuse, understanding equitable grading practices, and more.

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