School News: When Student Becomes Teacher

Fall 2021

Jeremy Chase, a 2021 graduate of St. Anne's-Belfield School (VA), took music theory in his freshman and sophomore years with teacher William Nichols, and because Chase had such a profound interest in the subject, Nichols suggested he become a teaching assistant as a way to continue participating in the school’s music program and earn credit for an independent study.
In his junior year, Chase taught lessons, facilitated group work, and held office hours. It allowed him to go back to the basics and revisit content he learned during his freshman year, he says. As part of his independent study, Chase worked on a project about the art of DJing, particularly scratching.
Chase’s love of music extends beyond theory; he also makes his own music. Last year, he composed an electronic instrumental and connected with a vocalist from South Africa to sing over the track. He sent the record to a few labels and heard back from Metanoia Music, where he signed a record deal for his single “Galactic Dreams.” This fall, he plans to study music at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Jeremy Chase

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