School News: Filming On Location

Spring 2021

When Julio Vincent Gambuto walked into his sister’s house one day and noticed that his 8-year-old nephew didn’t even lift his head from his iPad to say hello, he wondered what his grandfather would have said if he were alive. Inspired by this moment, the Staten Island Academy (NY) alumnus and current board member created the movie Team Marco. The film, which he directed and co-wrote with his middle school friend B.R. Uzun, tells the story of a video-game obsessed preteen named Marco whose grandfather moves in and forces him to ditch his electronics and play bocce.
Gambuto’s alma mater plays a starring role in the film: Many of the scenes were shot on location at the entrance of the school, inside the building, and around the parking lot. The side of a brick building became the location for a scene in front of a hospital. With the help of Mark Weissman, the chair of the Staten Island Academy arts department, he auditioned students and cast two of them as Marco’s friends.
The film is available on all major on-demand cable providers, and all major digital movie platforms, including Amazon, Apple, and iTunes. Learn more at



Scenes from Team Marco.

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