New School Models


The demographic, economic, and social composition of the U.S. is changing rapidly. At the same time, competitive alternatives to independent schools have emerged in many markets, providing new education options for families.

Many NAIS member schools have added programs or services that are perceived as being valuable to parents, and many have upgraded or expanded facilities, but these changes have contributed to the increasing costs of independent education. These cost increases, combined with cost of living increases, have made affording independent schools challenging for many middle-income families and some high-income families.

To better understand the evolving market and to help independent schools better compete, NAIS examined schools with different financial and educational models. Over the course of three months, we conducted a review of publicly available information and interviewed administrators at a number of new schools to create profiles that highlight some of the distinguishing attributes of each school. The profiles can be found at the links below.  

School Profiles

  1. Acton Academy
  2. AltSchool / Altitude Learning
  3. BASIS Independent Schools
  4. Blyth-Templeton Academy
  5. Brightworks
  6. Clintondale High School
  7. GEMS Education Schools
  8. KọSchool
  9. Mysa School
  10. Portfolio School
  11. Sudbury Valley School
  12. Visitacion Valley Middle School
  13. Wildflower Schools
  14. World Academy