• Introducing Market View!

    Introducing Market View!

    Market View is an essential new tool on the DASL Insights platform designed to help you find prospective families and better understand your community.

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  • Registration is Open for the 2018 NAIS People of Color Conference!

    Registration is Open for the 2018 NAIS People of Color Conference!

    Join us November 28-December 1 in Nashville, TN, as we gather for collaboration, innovation, and inclusion.

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  • Independent School Fall Issue: Diversity and Inclusion

    Independent School Fall Issue: Diversity and Inclusion

    Independent schools seek to be diverse, equitable, inclusive, welcoming places. But how are we delivering on that mission?

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  • NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    This indispensable tool will help your board and search committee master the search process. Save 20% when you order 5 or more.

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  • Search Our Directories

    Search Our Directories

    Find a school, company, or colleague using NAIS's searchable directories.

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Registration is Open for the 2019 NAIS Annual Conference!

Join us Feb. 27-March 1 in Long Beach, CA, for Reimagining Schools: Tearing Down Walls, Building Capacity, and Designing Our Future. Sign up before Jan. 18 to save!

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Improving Financial Sustainability: Schools Experiment With New Models

How can we provide greater access, serve our students more effectively in this 21st-century economy, and create a model that will thrive well into the future?

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What Schools Can Expect After the Midterm Elections

What do the midterm election results mean for independent schools over the next two years? Learn about potential effects on several policy issues.

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2018-2019 Data Released in DASL

The new 2018-19 data are available in DASL reporting!  You can now go into DASL to update your saved reports and create new ones with 2018-19 information. 

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Strategic Partnerships: A Powerful Tool to Do More With Less

Partnering with other schools, nonprofits, and businesses can help build name recognition, increase auxiliary income, and deliver deeper programs. 

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Download the Latest Episode of NAIS Member Voices Podcast

John Kerney, executive director and CEO at Winchendon School (MA), shares the unique approach his school took to help ensure financial sustainability. 

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People of Color and White Women in Independent School Headship

NAIS conducted a study on the causes of underrepresentation of people of color and women in headship, and developed guidelines for search committees.

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Trend Lines: What Schools Need to Know about Cybersecurity

Understanding threats and protecting schools from them requires a coordinated effort from the entire leadership team—not just the tech department.

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Research Insights: Is Grit Legit? Revisiting a Landmark Study

Does grit uniquely predict students’ academic success, or are other similar yet distinct factors being lumped into our collective notion of grit?

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Legal Questions for Independent School Admission Season

Here are common legal questions and answers admission officers and other administrators should review as the admission season gets underway.

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NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Business Officers

These principles provide a common standard of leadership for individuals vested with the responsibilities of the school’s financial and physical resources.

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Find the Best Talent

Talented teaching and administrator candidates are waiting to apply for jobs at your school. NAIS members can post jobs and browse resumes for free; nonmembers can purchase job postings.

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