• Thank You for Attending the NAIS Annual Conference!

    Thank You for Attending the NAIS Annual Conference!

    Watch highlights from the conference in Long Beach, CA, and read key takeaways from attendees on the Independent Ideas blog.

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  • Independent School Spring 2019: Reimagining Schools

    Independent School Spring 2019: Reimagining Schools

    As the education landscape continues to evolve, independent schools must develop strategies to remain relevant and chart a course for the future.

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  • Resources to Help You Build an Effective Team

    Resources to Help You Build an Effective Team

    NAIS has the events, tools, and resources you need to build an effective team at your school and help it develop and grow.

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  • Training Tools for Boards Everywhere

    Training Tools for Boards Everywhere

    Build a better board! NAIS offers the new International Trustee Handbook for schools outside the U.S. and the Trustee Handbook for U.S. boards.

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  • Introducing Market View!

    Introducing Market View!

    Market View is an essential new tool on the DASL Insights platform designed to help you find prospective families and better understand your community.

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  • NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    This indispensable tool will help your board and search committee master the search process. Save 20% when you order 5 or more.

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  • Search Our Directories

    Search Our Directories

    Find a school, company, or colleague using NAIS's searchable directories.

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Finding Purpose Post-Retirement: Remembering the Challenges of Teaching

A former head of school reflects on her passion and appreciation for teaching, and what she’s learned since returning to the role.

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The Frenzied College Admission Race is Making Our Children Sick

Parents and educators must closely examine how intensely they prioritize academic and extracurricular excellence—and at what cost to students’ mental health.

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Make Charitable Giving as Easy as Possible at Your School

With the effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on charitable giving still unclear, find out what schools should know about using online payment platforms for accepting gifts.

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Download the Latest Episode of NAIS Member Voices Podcast

Robert Brisk, head of The Wellington School (OH), talks about deepening student engagement, how he builds an effective team, and what he's learned about communication.

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Submit a Workshop Proposal for the 2019 People of Color Conference

You can advance the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools. Submit a proposal by May 17 for the opportunity to share your expertise with colleagues.

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DASL Databook Offers Comprehensive Look at Your School

Download this new custom report, which is divided into 13 sections and provides a comparison for your school across all areas of data collected in DASL.

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Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Independent School Parents

How can independent schools evolve to best meet families’ needs? Research into the changing market is a crucial first step in the path to school transformation.

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Receive Discounted NAIS Membership by Joining Now

Schools that join NAIS now will receive a 50 percent discount on their dues for the rest of the 2018-19 school year.

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What Keeps School Leaders Up at Night

School leaders know they are operating in a different environment and need to make significant changes. Here’s a look at the most pressing issues.

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The Fundraising Landscape: Seven Themes and What They Mean

The scarcest resource for fundraisers today isn’t money—it’s time and attention from donors. So new strategies and tactics are necessary.

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NAIS Legal Advisory: Changing Tides: The New Frontier in Pay Equity

This advisory provides a brief overview of the federal legal landscape, analysis of state trends, and tips for schools seeking to evaluate their hiring and pay practices.

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Find the Best Talent

Talented teaching and administrator candidates are waiting to apply for jobs at your school. NAIS members can post jobs and browse resumes for free; nonmembers can purchase job postings.

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