• Registration is Open for the 2021 NAIS Online People of Color Conference!

    Registration is Open for the 2021 NAIS Online People of Color Conference!

    Join us November 29-December 3 in an engaging virtual space to explore the theme Reckoning with Impacts, Rolling with Just Intent.

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  • Get in the Loop with<br> the 2021-2022 Trendbook

    Get in the Loop with
    the 2021-2022 Trendbook

    Prep your school leaders, your board, and yourself for what’s ahead with the 2021-2022 NAIS Trendbook. Delve into 30 trends in enrollment, philanthropy, equity and justice, and more.

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  • New View EDU Podcast: Season 1 Finale Available Now!

    New View EDU Podcast: Season 1 Finale Available Now!

    Hosts Tim Fish and Lisa Kay Solomon reflect on the future of education in a panel discussion with NAIS President Donna Orem and three dynamic, committed independent school heads.

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  • New! A Solution Kit for Parent Relations

    New! A Solution Kit for Parent Relations

    Get families and schools on the same page with these practical resources. Give out the booklet Better Together at parent meetings. Provide the book Hopes and Fears to faculty who want smoother parent partnerships.

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  • Independent School Magazine: Talent Development

    Independent School Magazine: Talent Development

    The Fall issue explores how school leaders can build and sustain a resilient workforce, and nurture and reward the talent that is at the core of independent schools.

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  • Meet Your Enrollment Power Tool: NAIS Market View 5.0

    Meet Your Enrollment Power Tool: NAIS Market View 5.0

    We designed Market View to help you find your enrollment sweet spot. We’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve just made it more effective, more intuitive, and more powerful. As always, it's free to NAIS members.

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  • Announcing a New Partnership Between NAIS and NBOA

    Announcing a New Partnership Between NAIS and NBOA

    We are excited to announce an important collaboration between NAIS and the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) to make it easier for you—our members—to analyze data about your schools.

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  • Hiring Resources from NAIS

    Hiring Resources from NAIS

    Even in the midst of COVID-19, we understand that hiring season must go on. The NAIS Career Center is here to help.

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  • Connections Creating Value for Independent Schools

    Connections Creating Value for Independent Schools

    The NAIS Community Market is a collection of resources, events, services, and products that can help independent school professionals.


  • Share Your Solutions for Evolving Education

    Share Your Solutions for Evolving Education

    NAIS has launched a new site for schools to share strategies, samples, and solutions in this time of uncertainty.

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Schools

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Schools

    Bookmark this new NAIS website page to help you access the most timely and relevant COVID-19 resources.

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Watch the Recording: NAIS Keynote with the NeuroLeadership Institute

Kick off NAIS conference season by watching the recording of “The Science of Active Inclusion”. The strategies presented will extend to the 2021 People of Color Conference and 2022 Annual Conference.

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Deadline Approaching: Enter Info into DASL Data Foundation by Oct. 15

Have questions? Get tips for data entry, watch video tutorials, and sign up for webinars that cover different stages of this year's DASL data entry process.

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Coping in the Classroom: Reconsidering the Trigger Warning

In the wake of 18 months dominated by COVID-19, the way we might think about trigger warnings deserves a second look.

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Advancement and Development: A Black Professional’s Perspective

A chief community engagement officer shares how she has used her role as a senior administrator to lead discussions about creating welcoming spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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Legal Tip of the Week: Review Social Media Policies

Learn to establish policies on social media that are sufficiently clear in setting expectations for students and faculty, both as to content and as to sharing of posts.

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Hiring and Leadership for a Human School

After a years-long journey working through significant financial and identity issues, one school reinvigorated its institutional culture with a committed team of faculty and administrators.

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Following a Nontraditional Path to Leadership

Two school leaders who learned firsthand that it is possible to break the mold share their experience and why peer support is so critical.

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Member Voices Podcast: Enrollment Trends Amid the Pandemic, Part 1

Joe Corbett, NAIS research analyst, and Duane Emery, director of enrollment management at Sycamore School (IN), discuss how schools can navigate enrollment challenges due to the pandemic.

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Key Findings from the 2021 State of Independent School Leadership Study

Despite the challenges facing independent schools today, there is a willing, capable cohort of emerging and existing leaders who are ready—and are already—leading their schools into what comes next.

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Reimagine Tuition: A New Series From NAIS

Tuition setting is a decision schools make every year, but many heads and trustees worry they don’t have the right information to make it with confidence. Gain new insights with these resources and case studies.

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Find the Best Talent

Talented teaching and administrator candidates are waiting to apply for jobs at your school. NAIS members can post jobs and browse resumes for free; nonmembers can purchase job postings.

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