• Registration is Now Open for the 2019 NAIS People of Color Conference!

    Registration is Now Open for the 2019 NAIS People of Color Conference!

    Join us December 4–7 in Seattle as we explore the theme "1619. 2019. Before. Beyond. Amplifying Our Intelligence to Liberate, Co-create, and Thrive."

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  • Delve Into the Latest Independent School Trends

    Delve Into the Latest Independent School Trends

    The 2019-2020 Trendbook explores 33 issues in enrollment, financial aid, student wellness, and more. Prep your school leaders, your board, and yourself for what’s ahead.

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  • Independent School Fall Issue: International Students & Global Education

    Independent School Fall Issue: International Students & Global Education

    Explore the intersections of international student programs and global education, trends in recruitment, and more.

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  • Get the Guidebook Every Board Leader Needs

    Get the Guidebook Every Board Leader Needs

    Want a high-performing board? Start at the top with The Board Chair Handbook, an informative, inspiring guide written especially for board leaders at independent schools.

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  • Exciting New Features Added to Market View!

    Exciting New Features Added to Market View!

    We’ve incorporated your ideas and created a more powerful tool to help you understand your school's market, including an upgraded map, five-year projections, and more.

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  • Training Tools for Boards Everywhere

    Training Tools for Boards Everywhere

    Build a better board! NAIS offers the new International Trustee Handbook for schools outside the U.S. and the Trustee Handbook for U.S. boards.

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  • Search Our Directories

    Search Our Directories

    Find a school, company, or colleague using NAIS's searchable directories.

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To Be Successful in Today’s Education Market, Learn from the Past

NAIS President Donna Orem explores how independent schools can ensure their survival and ability to thrive as disruption continues to accelerate in the K–12 market.

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DOJ Makes Clear That Antitrust Laws Apply to the Education Sector

Find out what a Department of Justice investigation into college admissions means for independent schools and what your school can do to avoid antitrust issues.

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Applications Open for 2020-21 Fellowship for Aspiring Heads

Are you prepared to lead a school? Advance your professional journey through unique programming, supportive mentorship, and lifelong relationships. The deadline is Nov. 15. 

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There's Still Time to Enter Your School's Data into DASL

You can enter data until October 9. DASL is a must-have tool for driving strategic conversations, and submitting your school's data will help you lead and plan for the future.

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NAIS Member Voices Podcast: Strategies for Retaining Students

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin, director of enrollment and financial aid at The Avery Coonley School (IL), shares her approach to retention management and working with millennial parents.

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Trustee Table Podcast: Mastering Crisis Management

Jim Hulbert shares his expertise on crisis management, including major issues facing independent schools today and how heads and boards can approach crisis communication.

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Research Insights: Measuring Key Student Engagement Trends

The 2018 High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE) results provide insights and action items your school can take to build a safe and positive school culture.

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Boardroom: Building Relationships During the Head Search

The board-head partnership can be bolstered as it is being built, and in turn, the school will benefit from the board and head being on the same page even before day one.

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Defining the Role of Independent Schools in the 21st Century Economy

This report provides insights into the challenges independent schools face in the 21st century economy and offers potential ideas for adding value to an independent school education.

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Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Independent School Parents

How can independent schools evolve to best meet families’ needs? Research into the changing market is a crucial first step in the path to school transformation.

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NAIS Board Announces Selection Process for 2020

The NAIS board will recommend a candidate for the 2020 class of trustees from a large pool of nominees.

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Find the Best Talent

Talented teaching and administrator candidates are waiting to apply for jobs at your school. NAIS members can post jobs and browse resumes for free; nonmembers can purchase job postings.

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