• Resources to Help You<br> Kick Off Your School Year

    Resources to Help You
    Kick Off Your School Year

    NAIS has the tools you and your school need to succeed—whether you’re in a new role, new to the school, or looking for ways to start the year strong.

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  • Sign Up for the 2018 NAIS-TABS Legal Symposium

    Sign Up for the 2018 NAIS-TABS Legal Symposium

    Learn about the key legal issues facing independent schools today with a stellar lineup of panel discussions, roundtables, and workshops.

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  • Independent School Summer Issue: Teaching and Learning

    Independent School Summer Issue: Teaching and Learning

    What does independent school education look like today, and what do educators need to learn?

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  • NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    NAIS Head Search Handbook: Order Your Copy Today

    Help your board and search committee find the best new leader for your school with this guide. Save 20% when you order for your entire search committee.

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  • Search Our Directories

    Search Our Directories

    Find a school, company, or colleague using NAIS's searchable directories.

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20 Simple-yet-meaningful Things Educators Can Do Every Day

It’s not necessarily about doing that one “big thing.” It’s often the small things that teachers do for their students that end up leaving a lasting impression.  

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Low-Income Students Gain Access to Insurance for Entire School Year

A new federal rule governing insurance that NAIS pushed for has expanded health-care access and options for low-income students at independent schools.

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Reserve Your Spot for 2018 NAIS Leadership Through Partnership

Promote effective and successful relationships between the head of school and board of trustees, and gain fresh perspectives on collaboration.

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2018-19 NAIS DASL Data Entry is Officially Open!

You can enter your data until October 10. Submitting your school’s information will help build a complete picture of the independent school sector.

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Download the Latest Episode of NAIS Member Voices Podcast

Helen Rankin Butler, board chair at Hathaway Brown School (OH), talks about being a "lifer," tips for great governance, and her love of cooking.

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NAIS Principles of Good Practice for the Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is the guardian of the school’s mission and is responsible for ensuring the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves.

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Boardroom: What You Need to Know About Executive Sessions

The appropriate and effective use of the “executive session” structure is often not well understood or effectively implemented at schools.

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Leadership Lessons: Crucial Behaviors for Leading Innovation

It seems clear that innovation will be a defining trait—perhaps the defining trait—of the organizations that thrive over the next few decades.

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Modeling Writing for Students with Learning Differences

Consider out-of-the-box strategies like vocalizing narrative organization, color-coding ideas, analyzing visual texts, and utilizing the upside-down essay structure.

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Diving into Summer: Preparing for the Year Ahead

In addition to your usual summer to-do list, here are some items to focus on as you start looking at the end of summer and early academic year.

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Independent School Task Force on Educator Sexual Misconduct

Read the full report of recommendations for independent school leaders from the Independent School Task Force on Educator Sexual Misconduct.

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Find the Best Talent

Talented teaching and administrator candidates are waiting to apply for jobs at your school. NAIS members can post jobs and browse resumes for free; nonmembers can purchase job postings.

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