Independent School Magazine

  • Winter 2023

    In a world that is changing so rapidly, the standard five-year strategic plan will not work for the schools of today and tomorrow. In this issue, we explore how to help schools shift from strategic planning to designing strategy, the balance between meeting market demand and developing new programs that people don’t even know they want yet, and more. Take a look at the future of strategy.

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  • Fall 2022

    What is the outlook for the independent school market? What is families’ ability to pay tuition versus their willingness to do so? What do schools need to know about the digital-first generation of parents? And how can we ensure the sustainability of small schools? The Fall 2022 issue of Independent School magazine explores these questions and takes a look at the independent school market. 

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  • Summer 2022

    What is the essence of headship? Why do leaders become heads of school? How does that correspond with what boards want when they hire heads? Is the role sustainable? The Summer 2022 issue of Independent School magazine explores these questions and takes a look at the human side of headship as well as the current and future state of headship.

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