Independent School Magazine

  • Summer 2021

    As schools move into a new unknown, unpacking lessons learned to help navigate what’s ahead, the key question leaders must consider isn’t just “Where are we going?” but “Where can we go?” In the Summer issue of Independent School magazine, we explore what it will take to lead schools into the future, the pace at which to move, the conditions required for change, and more.

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  • Spring 2021

    While the pandemic has certainly disrupted fundraising efforts, it has not changed the bigger picture. If anything, it has highlighted what we’ve already known and need to put a greater emphasis on moving forward. In the Spring issue, we explore the importance of fundraising strategy, investing in advancement operations, understanding your donors’ motivations, and building a culture of philanthropy.

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  • Winter 2021

    The national reckoning about systemic racism is urging independent schools to look inward. As school leaders wonder how to seize this moment, it is critical to understand the full scope and complexities of their school histories, cultures, and the experiences of everyone in their communities. This issue explores the role of schools in being part of the problem and solution, and how to create a path forward.

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