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Themes for 2016-2017

Volume 77

Fall 2017
A mission statement can describe a lot about a school, but it’s the people who work there who best represent its heart and soul. Schools thrive when there are quality people at every level, from heads to teachers to administrators to trustees. But the nature of the workforce is shifting rapidly—it’s become more mobile and technology-driven and includes more millennials (and fewer boomers). What kind of impact are these and other demographic changes having? How prepared are schools for the greater numbers of heads who will be retiring in the coming years? How are schools developing faculty talent? What are the pathways to leadership? How can schools attract a more diverse talent pool? Are schools’ hiring practices bias-proof? This issue will delve into these challenges and more including recruitment, retention, succession planning, performance evaluation, work/life balance, cultural competency, diversity and inclusion, compensation and benefits, and mentorship.
Winter 2018
There’s no shortage of research and studies about education, which independent schools consistently use to inform curriculum and pedagogy. But what about school-focused and school-driven research? It’s quite possible that your school is already sitting on a goldmine of research and data—parent, prospect, and alumni surveys are but one example—that can help a school meet enrollment goals, better tell its story and bolster its value proposition, keep the board informed, and more. From data privacy to creating a data-driven culture to the best tools and strategies for using data and intelligence, this issue will explore how institutional research can help your school and will seek to answer such questions as what kind of research is most useful to schools? How to mine data that your school already has? How can schools conduct and collect meaningful, usable research? How to interpret the data and use it effectively?  

Check back in late summer for details about the Spring 2018 issue and beyond.