NAIS Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL)

Use more than 30 years of independent school data to help you make the right choices for your school. You'll find actionable data related to all aspects of school operations, including admission, enrollment, salaries, and more.


NAIS Market View

Put your school on the map with Market View, an essential enrollment power tool designed to help your independent school use data to improve your recruitment strategy, find prospective families, and better understand your community.

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NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM)

AIM has been a flagship tool at NAIS for nearly two decades. It is a unique opportunity for independent schools to hear from their communities and gain a deeper understanding of the climate of inclusivity on campus.

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NAIS School Surveys

Stakeholder surveys give valuable insight into the experience of individuals and groups in your school community. NAIS offers a variety of surveys you can customize to suit your school’s characteristics and areas of focus.

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NAIS Snapshot Surveys

Get the latest data you need to make strategic decisions with these brief, targeted surveys from the NAIS Research Team on key issues affecting independent schools.

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Student Engagement Surveys

These surveys help schools gather data about the attitudes, perceptions and beliefs of students about their school work, the school learning environment, and their interaction with the school community.

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Independent School Health Check

The Independent School Health Check is a comprehensive survey instrument developed to evaluate middle and high school student behavior and attitudes, including risk and protective factors.

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Statistical Tables

These tables provide helpful highlights of independent school data, organized by regional or state associations. They include information related to enrollment, tuition, salaries, demographics, and more.

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