NAIS Podcasts

Member Voices is an NAIS podcast that features stories from the thoughtful, hard-working individuals who make up the independent school community. You'll hear from faculty and staff at NAIS member schools about their roles, challenges, successes, inspiration sources, and more. Whether you are currently part of the NAIS community, considering joining, or simply interested in learning more about our industry, we hope you will listen and enjoy!


New View EDU Podcast
In the past year, school leaders have faced a constant need to innovate and respond to rapidly changing conditions in their communities, our nation and our world. What can we learn from these challenging times, and what inspiration can we draw for the future of schools? Tim Fish, NAIS’s chief innovation officer, and Lisa Kay Solomon, bestselling author, NAIS board member, and designer in residence at the Stanford, are teaming up to host New View EDU. They'll engage brilliant leaders from inside and outside the education world to explore the larger questions about what schools can be, and how they can truly serve our students, leaders, and communities.

The Trustee Table is an NAIS podcast that focuses on providing insights and information for trustees, board chairs, and school administrators on critical governance and leadership issues. Each episode will include a discussion with an expert in the field on a specific topic or challenge facing independent schools.