NAIS Webinar Series: 2022-2023 DASL Data Entry

NAIS Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) is the must-have tool for driving strategic conversations at your school, and adding accurate data will help you better understand your school and serve you for years to come. At NAIS, we understand how much time and attention it takes to enter your school’s data into DASL each year. We appreciate that you take the time, because your data also contributes to the national picture of independent schools. 

2022-23 DASL data entry opens June 14, 2022. The deadline for entering DASL Foundation data is October 14, 2022. The deadline for entering DASL/BIIS Financial Operations data is November 18, 2022.

2022-23 DASL Data Entry Webinars

NAIS offered a series of webinars to help schools with 2022-2023 data entry. Watch recordings below.

DASL Data Entry: What You Need to Know for This Year's Season

New to DASL Data Entry? Want a refresher about how it works and what you need to know? Interested in the timeline for the 2022–2023 school year? This session by the NAIS DASL team includes an introduction to DASL and the suggested sequence for the data entry season.

  • Presenters: Joy Bodycomb, Andy Kurtz, and Hilary Lamonte, NAIS

DASL Data Entry: Advancement Data by NAIS and CASE

It’s DASL Data Entry season, and based on the CASE Global Standards for Advancement Data and user feedback, the Advancement section has substantial changes. In this webinar recording, NAIS and CASE data experts share what’s new and what you need to know. 

  • Presenters: NAIS’s Hilary LaMonte and Joy Bodycomb; and CASE’s Cara Giacomini, Ann Synder, and Deborah Trumble
  • Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF)

DASL Data Entry: Get Help Entering DASL Advancment Data

This session addresses additional questions from the first webinar on advancement data.

DASL Data Entry: FAQs About Data Entry with NAIS, NBOA, and CASE

Do you have questions about this year’s data entry? In this webinar recording, NAIS, NBOA, and CASE data experts provide answers to the most frequently asked DASL questions. 
  • Presenters: Joy Bodycomb, NAIS; Elizabeth Dabney, NBOA; and Deborah Trumble, CASE

DASL Data Entry: Financial Operations with NAIS and NBOA

In this webinar recording, NBOA and NAIS data experts will help you feel more comfortable with the DASL layout and the process of entering your Financial Operations data. 

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