2020 NAIS Leadership Through Partnership OnlineĀ (LTP)

Registration for the 2020 NAIS Leadership Through Partnership Online (LTP) is now open

NAIS Leadership Through Partnership (LTP) Online
October 10-11, 2020

We have reimagined this foundational governance program to best support heads and their board chairs in a virtual space. We remain committed to providing heads and board chairs with the tools that they need to make challenging decisions and prioritize in an unprecedented environment.

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For the newly appointed head, board chair, or trustee, LTP proves particularly valuable to forge a positive and effective relationship and support leadership sustainability. For the trustee and school head with a well-established relationship, LTP offers an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on styles of collaboration in the context of new challenges and priorities. 

Topics Covered

LTP offers a variety of different learning opportunities and approaches to maximize the working relationship between the head of school and board of trustees. Through a number of interactive sessions led by NAIS staff and the Center for Creative Leadership, LTP will focus on helping you:
  • Understand the basics of nonprofit and independent school governance;
  • Experience and learn the structure, strategies, and approaches to effective independent school governance;
  • Strengthen the overall board-head working relationship;
  • Explore current innovation strategies and legal issues impacting independent schools today and;
Identify and discuss working styles and preferences while creating a constructive
communication and support system.


You can check out our tentative LTP schedule here.  

Registration Information 

Registration for 2020 Leadership Through Partnership Online is now open. REGISTER HERE.

The registration fees for 2020 LTP Online are listed below. 

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Registration Pricing  
Member price for 2020 LTP Online
This price includes registration for two attendees (one head of school and one trustee)

Nonmember price for 2020 LTP Online
This price includes registration for two attendees (one head of school and one trustee)

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