NAIS webinars delve into the latest trends and resources to help you address your everyday school challenges, as well as training that will educate and sustain both the individual and the school community. Online professional development events are free, but registration is required, as space can be limited.

Webinar recordings will be posted to their respective pages shortly after the conclusion of the event. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments at webinars@nais.org.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Event type Category Name Location
1/18/2021 Other CareersAndProfessionalDevelopment, Business, Human_Resources, Webinar Strategic HR Leadership
Learn to develop and communicate your school's personnel management strategy and to be responsive to a changing market in this online course through the National Business Officers Association (NBOA).
1/18/2021 Other Learning, Webinar, FinancialSustainability Long-Range Financial Modeling
Learn how to customize and manipulate NBOA's Long-Range Financial Model, a powerful financial planning tool for your school in this online course through the National Business Officers Association (NBOA).
1/19/2021 NAIS Webinar Safety, Health, Legal, Legislative, Trends, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Trend Report Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Practical Recommendations for Independent Schools
Coronavirus vaccines will soon be available to K–12 educators and staff, so it’s time to start planning for the rollout at schools. Learn more about which approaches will promote campus health and safety, and when and how schools need to accommodate resistance from community members to receiving their shot.
1/25/2021 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Governance, Webinar, CrisisManagement NAIS Leadership Series Webinar: Good Governance by Design: Mindsets and Strategies for Crisis Leadership
In this webinar—the first in the winter NAIS Leadership Series on Governance and Leadership—you’ll learn how to minimize the risk of crises using assessments, policies, training, and other techniques. We’ll also review mindsets and tools to help you respond effectively to any crisis situation.
1/26/2021 NAIS Webinar Contracts, Heads_of_School, Legal, Legislative, Trends, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Trend Report Webinar: Negotiating Head of School Employment Contracts for Respect and Advantage
This presentation seeks to provide practical advice and context on basic terms, develop core strategies that advance heads’ and schools’ interests while nurturing the essential relationship between head and board, and help heads and school boards meet each other where they are on this tense and important subject.
1/26/2021 Other Innovation, Trends, Webinar Developing an RFP to Evaluate Software Vendors
Searching for, evaluating, and comparing software solutions can be a difficult task. A thoughtfully constructed RFP can simplify the process and ensure success. Join us for a conversation with David Boxer, Director of Information Support Services at Blake School, and Jim Anderson, Chief Technology Officer at Packer Collegiate Institute, on how their schools developed then utilized an RFP during the SIS search.
1/28/2021 Other Admissions, Culture, Webinar Creating a Culture of Creativity in Admissions and Marketing
With many schools competing for the same quality students, distinguishing yourself from your peers is a must. Learn how Butler University used creativity and cross-departmental collaboration to enroll the largest incoming classes in the university’s history, transform the institution’s marketing approach, and leverage Butler’s culture through a new branding initiative.
1/28/2021 Other Academics, Support, Webinar SAIS Academic Support Conference
Hear about the latest research, curriculum, instructional strategies, and best practices for supporting all learners in an independent school. 
2/3/2021 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Wellness, Faculty, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Pandemic Fatigue Meet True Partnership: Building a Thriving Faculty Culture
This NAIS webinar proposes a model of true partnership as a different approach to tackle faculty fatigue and burnout. It requires a shared commitment from administrators and teachers to build a thriving faculty culture. 
2/4/2021 Other Learning, Webinar, RiskManagement NBOA Webinar: Hybrid Learning as the New Normal
Experts in independent school online learning as well as risk management and compliance review both legal considerations and strategies and tools schools should implement to ensure their programs meet their missions and are safe and compliant.
2/10/2021 Other Diversity, Recruiting, Webinar Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Faculty and Staff
Join Folio and a group of diversity practitioners from The Glasgow Group, who will share tools and techniques that have proven effective. 
2/16/2021 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Teachers, Curriculum, Learning, Innovation, Students, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Deep Learning is Doable: Five Strategies for Supporting Deep Learning in Virtual Environments
Author and consultant Jay McTighe will discuss deeper learning as he presents five practical and proven ideas from the new book, Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making.
2/22/2021 Other Business, Networking, Professional_Development, Webinar The 2021 NBOA Annual Meeting
The 2021 NBOA Annual Meeting will bring together business officers, human resources professionals, controllers, facilities directors, heads of schools, trustees, business partners and more on a customized virtual meeting platform. 
3/3/2021 NAIS Webinar Networking, Staff, Support NAIS Meetup for Assistants to Heads of School
As we all work to manage the COVID-19 crisis at our schools, we are seeing more than ever the power of shared knowledge and support in our independent school community. To provide school staff more opportunities for connection, NAIS is offering online meetups.

Webinar Recordings and Resources

  • Gain Insight into Your School’s Market with Market View

    Learn how to make Census data work for your school in this NAIS webinar recording showcasing the new Market View tool.

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  • Go Deep: Global Education with Greater Purpose, Well-Being and Impact

    This NAIS webinar recording will help teachers and administrators explore ways to deepen existing global education programs.

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  • What Jobs Are Families Hiring Your School to Do for Them?

    In this NAIS webinar recording, learn how you can meet the demands of parents in your market while maintaining your core values. Hear about NAIS’s research into the motivations of independent school parents.

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