NAIS webinars delve into the latest trends and resources to help you address your everyday school challenges, as well as training that will educate and sustain both the individual and the school community. Online professional development events are free, but registration is required, as space can be limited.

Webinar recordings will be posted to their respective pages shortly after the conclusion of the event. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments at [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Date Event type Category Name Location
5/17/2022 NAIS Webinar Legal, Legislative, Trends, Webinar, CrisisManagement NAIS Trend Report Webinar: National Trends, FAQs, and Legal Updates
The NAIS Legal Team, along with special guests, will provide an overview of the top legal issues facing independent schools.
5/17/2022 NAIS Webinar Legal, Legislative, Summer, Trends, Webinar NAIS Trend Report Webinar: Summer To-Do List For Independent Schools
School may be out for summer, but faculty and staff are busy behind the scenes planning for the year ahead. If you’re looking to update policies or programs, or thinking about where you should focus your energy this summer, join us for this webinar, which will help you organize your summer to-do list.
5/18/2022 NAIS Webinar Diversity_and_Inclusion, Community, Heads_of_School, Networking, Support NAIS Meetup for Heads of Color
To provide school leaders and staff with collaborative opportunities, NAIS offers virtual meetups and webinars that address vital issues in school life, from legal advisories to global education, race, culture, and well-being.
5/19/2022 NAIS Webinar International, Networking, Support NAIS Meetup for International Student Program Directors
As we all work to manage the COVID-19 crisis at our schools, we are seeing more than ever the power of shared knowledge and support in our independent school community. To provide school staff more opportunities for connection, NAIS is offering online meetups.

Webinar Recordings and Resources

  • Go Deep: Global Education with Greater Purpose, Well-Being and Impact

    This NAIS webinar recording will help teachers and administrators explore ways to deepen existing global education programs.

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  • Developing the Team: Faculty Evaluation and Growth

    This NAIS webinar investigates how schools can create systems of performance review and professional development that foster a growth mindset among the faculty.

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  • What Jobs Are Families Hiring Your School to Do for Them?

    In this NAIS webinar recording, learn how you can meet the demands of parents in your market while maintaining your core values. Hear about NAIS’s research into the motivations of independent school parents.

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