NAIS webinars delve into the latest trends and resources to help you address your everyday school challenges, as well as training that will educate and sustain both the individual and the school community. Online professional development events are free, but registration is required, as space can be limited.

Webinar recordings will be posted to their respective pages shortly after the conclusion of the event. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments at webinars@nais.org.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Event type Category Name Location
12/7/2020 Other Alumni_Alumnae__Relations__, Fundraising, Webinar Tools for Creating an Engaging Alumni Program
This online workshop helps you create a well-organized and responsive program that empowers you to engage and steward alumni. Discover how to plan and execute virtual and in-person alumni events, reunions, and fundraising initiatives.
12/7/2020 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Wellness, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Learn How to Avoid Burnout: The Resilience Advantage
Burn Bright: The Resilience Advantage is a scientific and application-based approach that helps leaders bring the best versions of themselves to all they do. This second session will focus on how leaders can create the conditions for the people in their communities to burn bright.
12/7/2020 Other Learning, Equity_Justice, Webinar Observing, Coaching, and Supervising for Equity
Join us to build your skills and rethink your systems toward a more equitable approach to observing classrooms, coaching faculty and staff members, and serving as a supervisor.
12/8/2020 NAIS Webinar Legal, Trends, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Weekly Trend Report: National Trends, FAQs, and Updates
Join school leaders for a weekly webinar series every Tuesday at 1:00 PM ET. Each week the NAIS Legal Team, along with special guests, will provide an overview of the top issues facing independent schools. We will tackle some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard in the previous week, highlight trends, share strategies schools are using, and provide an overview of the evolving federal response to COVID-19, including legislative and regulatory updates.

Presenters: NAIS’s Megan Mann and Whitney Silverman
12/8/2020 Other Digital, Recruiting, Webinar Going Digital: Three Ways to Target Prospects and Increase Conversion
Attend this webinar to hear Brian Sith, executive director of marketing and admissions at Carmel Catholic High School (Mundelein, Illinois) describe how his school developed a strategy for recruiting summer camp attendees.
12/9/2020 Other Learning, Tips_Guidelines, Webinar Leading with Technology: Why Princeton Day School Implemented a New SIS In Spite of The Pandemic
Hear Lauren Ledley and Tom McStravock from Princeton Day School share learnings from their search process, and how through careful planning and thoughtful change management they were able to start school year 20-21 with a new SIS.
12/9/2020 NAIS Webinar Enrollment, International, Webinar, FinancialSustainability, Coronavirus, Jobs-to-be-Done NAIS Webinar: Understanding Why Parents of International Students Choose NAIS Schools: Lessons from Jobs-to-Be-Done Research
Building on NAIS’s research about independent school parents, this webinar explores how international parent Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) are both similar and different from parents in the United States.
12/10/2020 Other Learning, Health, Webinar The Next Normal: Student Health and Risk Management in 2021 and Beyond
Please join us as we reconvene the three panelists from our June webinar “Student Health in a CV-19 World” where they will share lessons learned from the strategies they implemented this fall, as well as implications for the spring and beyond.  
12/10/2020 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Webinar, CrisisManagement, RiskManagement NAIS Leadership Series Webinar: Planning for a Sustainable Future: Protecting Your School’s Future: Risk Management and Crisis Communications Strategies
In the final webinar in the NAIS Fall Leadership Series, we will review core elements and key strategies to implement or evolve your school’s risk management process. Taking a more comprehensive view of risk management—even amid a pandemic—can help ensure your school’s sustainability and make life more manageable day-to-day.
12/15/2020 Other Funding, Fundraising, Webinar Developing a Cinderella Strategy: Finding Dollars and Donors in Unlikely Places
With many schools anticipating a budget deficit and significant increases in financial aid awards, advancement offices are being asked to close the gap. Attend this webinar to hear Graham Honaker and Jerry Logan, authors of The Cinderella Strategy: The Game Plan Behind Butler University’s Rise to Prominence, describe how Butler’s innovative and counter-cultural approach to fundraising grew the school’s endowment by $100 million, and nearly doubled its average annual giving.
1/7/2021 Other Administration, Recruiting, Webinar NBOA Webinar: Best Practices for High-Impact, Successful Administrative Searches
Seasoned executive recruiters will share best practices and “behind the scenes” techniques for conducting successful administrative searches.
1/14/2021 Other Support, Webinar, DistanceLearning Instructional Leadership: Supporting Exceptional Distance Learning
Join this online workshop to discover important leadership strategies that can help you bolster your school’s distance learning approach. Whether you’ve already been offering distance learning or are preparing for the uncertain winter months, you and your team can always implement new practices to positively impact student learning.
1/14/2021 Other Learning, Cultural, Webinar Safe to Brave: Courageous Conversations
Talking about topics like identity, difference, and oppression can raise anxiety for many people, and yet we must have the conversation in our schools and our lives in order to be more inclusive and culturally competent. Join Rosetta Lee, consultant, educator, and activist, for a webinar to learn to participate in truly courageous conversations. You will identify barriers to overcome and frameworks for authentic and healthy group dialogue.
1/18/2021 Other Learning, Webinar, FinancialSustainability Long-Range Financial Modeling
Learn how to customize and manipulate NBOA's Long-Range Financial Model, a powerful financial planning tool for your school in this online course through the National Business Officers Association (NBOA).
2/4/2021 Other Learning, Webinar, RiskManagement NBOA Webinar: Hybrid Learning as the New Normal
Experts in independent school online learning as well as risk management and compliance review both legal considerations and strategies and tools schools should implement to ensure their programs meet their missions and are safe and compliant.

Webinar Recordings and Resources

  • Gain Insight into Your School’s Market with Market View

    Learn how to make Census data work for your school in this NAIS webinar recording showcasing the new Market View tool.

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  • Go Deep: Global Education with Greater Purpose, Well-Being and Impact

    This NAIS webinar recording will help teachers and administrators explore ways to deepen existing global education programs.

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  • What Jobs Are Families Hiring Your School to Do for Them?

    In this NAIS webinar recording, learn how you can meet the demands of parents in your market while maintaining your core values. Hear about NAIS’s research into the motivations of independent school parents.

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