NAIS Demographic Data

It's critical for NAIS schools and organizations to be able to quickly and easily access demographic data and trends to inform their decision making. We offer the following powerful tools and resources to provide that access.
All of the tools below draw on data from the U.S. Census and American Community Surveys, provided by NAIS in partnership with Easy Analytic Software, Inc.

Market View

Market View is a data mapping tool from DASL Insights. It offers demographic and economic information to help you better understand, and visualize, your community and market.

In Market View you can:  

Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL)

DASL offers summary and detailed demographic reports on the geographic area you select. See relevant data from 5 years ago, the current year, and projected forward 5 years.  DASL also combines demographic and school data to provide insights such as your school’s average tuition as a percentage of family income.

In DASL you can:
  • Pull the NAIS DASL Databook, which includes tables of demographic data and projections.
  • Access dashboards focused on diversity and affordability that incorporate demographic data.
  • In the Affordability Dashboard, view your tuition as a percentage of family incomes in your selected geography.
  • In the Diversity Dashboard, view the diversity of your students and employees in comparison to the diversity of your selected locality.
  • In Tables (Custom Reports), pull Summary and Detailed demographic reports of your selected geography’s population characteristics, including projected values 5 years forward.

Here’s how to access demographic information in DASL and Market View:

Are you looking to... 


Market View 

Get an overview of the demographic data for your selected geography in table form that you can export to Excel or PDF?

Go to Tables (Custom Reports) and select Demographic Data as your Category.

In the Trends tab, download ready-made graphs with statistics related to the school-age population in your area by race, ethnicity, and other factors. 

Get an overview of how your school compares to other schools in key areas?

Run a DASL Databook 


Do a deep dive into the diversity of your students and employees in comparison to the diversity of your area?

Go to the Diversity Dashboard  


View your tuition as a percentage of family incomes in your area?

Go to the Affordability Dashboard

Select a tuition from the tuition dropdown in Map View.

Map your current enrollment? 


n Your Data, upload a list of your current students.

Find untapped markets near your school, including detailed demographic data and five-year projections by zip code?


In Map View, select age range, driving radius and income level.


Demographic Center

Looking for a type of report you had pulled earlier from Demographic Center?  They are still available--you’ll find Demographic Snapshots, Summary and Detailed Reports, Ring Studies, Zip-4 reports, and others in this platform licensed from EASI Demographics.

Data Resources

If you have a particular need for demographic or economic data that isn’t served by any of the tools or features listed above, please reach out to our team. We have a large dataset, and we’d love to talk to you and see how we can help.