NAIS Demographic Center

Demographic Center

This members-only service was created by NAIS through a partnership with Easy Analytic Software, Inc. to keep schools abreast of changes in the demographic make-up of the United States that can have implications for a school's growth and development.

Demographic Snapshot

The Demographic Snapshot tool provides a current demographic and economic profile of your metropolitan area or surrounding counties, and the projection for five years out, including housing values, family income, unemployment, and a profile of the school-age population. To use, simply select CBSAs (metropolitan areas) or counties in the right hand corner, select your state, and choose the area you wish to view.

Before entering the Demographic Center, feel free to check this page on how to use the Demographic Center. This page includes instructional videos on how to run some of the demographic reports and frequently asked questions.

If you have questions about the NAIS Demographic Center, please contact us through our Help Center or call (202) 973-9700.

Market View

NAIS now offers additional demographic, economic, and mapping data through Market View, our new DASL Insights tool. Market View is designed to help your school find prospective families and better understand your community.