NAIS Board of Trustees

The NAIS Board of Trustees, made up of 18 individuals, addresses its fiduciary, strategic, and generative duties, led by the officers and the Executive Committee.

The full board meets three times a year, in Washington in June and November, and before the NAIS Annual Conference in late February or early March. The six committees of the board meet by teleconference as well as at the board meetings. 

The NAIS Board of Trustees is committed to diversity and actively seeks those belonging to underrepresented populations

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Selection of Trustees

The NAIS Board of Trustees generally issues a call for nominations each July for a class of trustees that will serve a three-year term commencing at the following year’s NAIS Annual Meeting. After reviewing all of the nominations with the board’s strengths and needs in mind, the Governance Committee puts forth a slate of candidates. Members vote on this slate during the NAIS Annual Meeting, which takes place during the President’s Breakfast at the Annual Conference.  
In June 2019, however, the Board accepted the Governance Committee’s recommendation that there not be a call for nominations this year. There is only one trustee opening in February 2020 and the Committee already has a large pool of qualified nominees to consider for this position.
The membership will vote on the proposed candidate at the NAIS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, February 27, 2020.


For questions about the NAIS Board of Trustees, please contact Mark Davis, chair of the Governance Committee and head, St. Luke’s School (CT), at, or Jefferson Burnett, NAIS Senior Vice President, at