NAIS Board of Trustees

The NAIS Board of Trustees, composed of 19 individuals, addresses its fiduciary, strategic, and generative duties, led by the officers and the Executive Committee. The full board meets three times a year: in November, in late February or early March, and again in June. The board has four standing committees and one subcommittee.

The NAIS Board of Trustees is committed to diversity and actively seeks those belonging to underrepresented populations.

Voting for NAIS Trustees

Click here to learn more about the 2022 process for voting for NAIS Trustees and proposed updates to the NAIS Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.


For questions about the NAIS Board of Trustees, please contact Michael Nachbar, chair of the Governance Committee and executive director, Global Online Academy, at [email protected], or Jefferson Burnett, NAIS Vice President, at [email protected].