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4/6/2020 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Technology, Management, Webinar, CrisisManagement NAIS Webinar: Building Trust While Leading Remote School Teams
How do you virtually build trust with your team? Join us to learn specific remote management strategies that team leaders can use in order to continue building trust with your newly remote school team.
4/6/2020 NAIS Webinar Legal, Legislative, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Legislative and Regulatory Update: An Overview and FAQ of the Federal Response to COVID-19
Join NAIS Staff Attorney Whitney Silverman for an update on the legislation that affects our schools and communities as well as the guidance received from federal agencies so far.
4/7/2020 NAIS Webinar Legal, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: National COVID-19 Trends & FAQs: A Weekly Update with NAIS Legal Counsel
This is part of a new weekly webinar series running every Tuesday from 1–1:30 p.m. Each week, NAIS Legal Counsel Megan Mann will provide an overview of the top issues facing independent schools during this critical time.
4/8/2020 NAIS Webinar Global, International, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Responding to COVID-19: Reflections from International School Heads
Join us for this informal conversation series with international school heads who will share their insights and answer your questions on how to lead and manage successfully during this uncertain time.
4/8/2020 NAIS Webinar Global, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Responding to COVID-19: Reflections from International School Heads
Join us for this informal conversation with international school heads who will share their insights and answer your questions on how to lead and manage successfully during this uncertain time.
4/9/2020 NAIS Webinar Diversity_and_Inclusion, Webinar NAIS Meetup for Diversity Practitioners
To provide diversity officers more opportunities for connection, NAIS is offering new virtual meetups and webinars on student and adult health and well-being and the intersection of race, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
4/9/2020 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Communication, Governance, Strategic_Planning, Webinar, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Leadership, Crisis Communications, and Strategic Planning During COVID-19: A Discussion with University President Julio Frenk
In this webinar, Dr. Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami, will share his leadership and communications strategies as he navigates his institution’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.
4/10/2020 NAIS Webinar Leadership, Fundraising, Governance, Webinar, FinancialSustainability, Coronavirus NAIS Webinar: Strategic Fundraising and Financial Implications for Independent Schools: A Discussion with Martin Shell
In this webinar, Martin Shell, vice president and chief external relations officer at Stanford University and former independent school trustee, will share his insights and expertise on fundraising and financial considerations during this time of uncertainty.
6/1/2020 Other Teachers, Innovation, Professional_Development Traverse Conference
TRAVERSE is for teachers who are interested in making school more relevant, inspiring, challenging, and imaginative. It’s three days of hands-on, real-world experiences—design thinking, entrepreneurship, field science, real-world applications of mathematics, service learning, global education, and more.
Boulder, CO
6/14/2020 Other Finance, Business, Professional_Development MISBO Business Office Team Intensive
The 2020 MISBO Business Office Team Intensive builds upon the success of prior years’ deep dives into key areas of independent schools. This program is designed specifically for everyone in your school’s business office: Accounts Payable/Receivable, Student Billing, Benefits Administrators, Payroll Specialists, Controllers, and of course, Business Officers (and aspiring Business Officers).
Atlanta, GA
6/16/2020 Other Finance, Business, Professional_Development MISBO Workshop for New Business Officers
Every individual who assumes a new role needs to find their “tribe.” Those new to the business officer position need one more than ever, as they touch each and every area of an independent school. This event will provide you the support you need as you navigate your way through those first years. 
Atlanta, GA
7/6/2020 Other Teachers, Curriculum, Professional_Development Exeter Humanities Institute West
Phillips Exeter Academy offers a second iteration of the Exeter Humanities Institute in southern California each July. This is a professional development opportunity for middle and high school teachers of English, history, religion, literature, and other social sciences to receive training in the student-centered, discussion-based Harkness pedagogy.
La Jolla, CA
7/7/2020 Other Teachers, Diversity_and_Inclusion, Curriculum, Professional_Development The Diversity Initiative at Riverside
Join educators for a two-day collaborative training experience guided by nationally known diversity trainer Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee. The Diversity Initiative at Riverside is intended to promote personal growth and pedagogical approaches that support equity-minded education and global competencies in our schools.
Jacksonville, FL
7/15/2020 Other Leadership, Professional_Development Leadership Strategies for Successful Schools
Learn an array of strategies from Northwestern University faculty that will take your personal leadership to the next level in your school environment. Topics such as strategic leadership communications, learning from leadership failures and harnessing the power of social networks empower participants to walk away with actionable plans to maximize their leadership impact across students, staff and communities.
Chicago, IL
11/2/2020 Other Fundraising, Professional_Development Fundraising Essentials for School Leaders, Kellogg School
Join expert Kellogg faculty and seasoned school fundraisers to learn about the core principles of fundraising in a school setting and walk away with new strategies for energizing your donors. 
Chicago, IL