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Date Event type Category Name Location
3/31/2019 Other Wellness, Students, Welfare LLI SEL

LLI SEL is a two-day professional development conference designed for teachers and researchers to collaborate on effective strategies the improve the lives of students across the country. The LLI difference is combining thought-provoking ideas with demonstrative active workshops that help teachers create a toolkit to implement on day one.

Memphis, TN
4/3/2019 NAIS Webinar Discipline, Legal, Webinar, Student Outcomes NAIS Webinar: Student Discipline Issues: Designing and Implementing a Fair Process
Join Michael Blacher, chair of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore’s private education practice group, and NAIS General Counsel Debra Wilson for a discussion on the legal standards and best practices involved in designing, communicating, and implementing a fair disciplinary process for your school community.
5/3/2019 Other Special Programs, Students, Special Needs Professional Visit Day
Education professionals who work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or ASD are invited to visit Landmark College.
Putney, VT
6/17/2019 NAIS Equity/Justice, Gender, Institute NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute
NAIS is partnering with Gender Spectrum, a national leader in creating gender sensitive and positively responsive environments for all children and teens, to launch the NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute. This two-day institute, customized for the unique needs of independent schools, students, families, and communities, will be the gateway to Gender Spectrum’s community of practice and yearlong professional-development program for educational professionals committed to creating more gender-inclusive learning environments with the support of their institutions.
Potomac, MD
6/23/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute
The Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) is an intensive residential program that provides you with tools to lead and manage the shifting intercultural changes in your own school.
Alexandria, VA
7/8/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS Institute for New Heads
The NAIS Institute for New Heads (INH) has prepared more than 1,000 new heads of school for successful leadership transitions over the last decade. Join their ranks today by registering for this five-day residential program that will prepare you for the first or second year of headship.
Atlanta, GA
7/8/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS Equity Design Lab: Grading for Equity
The NAIS Equity Design Lab (EDL) employs iterative design, mind science and other research, skill-building, and best and emerging practices. The goal is to develop innovative solutions and models that independent schools can use to address challenges and opportunities related to equity and social justice. The 2019 EDL will focus on grading for equity.
Nashville, TN
7/28/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS School Leadership Team Experience
Take your team beyond yearly evaluations and tedious meetings to get to the core of what makes successful school leadership work at the School Leadership Team Experience (SLTE), a special three-day learning experience for independent school leaders.
Potomac, MD
7/30/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS School Leadership Institute
The NAIS School Leadership Institute (SLI) is an in-depth and highly interactive residential program that will help you cultivate an individualized professional development strategy based on your strengths and areas for improvement.
Alexandria, VA
10/4/2019 NAIS Institute NAIS Leadership Through Partnership
NAIS, in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, has enhanced and refined the Leadership Through Partnership workshop to enable effective, successful board and head relationships. 
Washington, DC