Events Calendar

Date Event type Category Name Location
1/29/2020 NAIS Webinar Governance, Webinar NAIS Webinar: The State of Independent School Governance: Insights from the 2018 NAIS Governance Study
Join this webinar to discuss the latest findings from the 2018 NAIS Governance Study and the implications for heads of school and their boards.
1/30/2020 Other Heads_of_School, Professional_Development ISACS Heads Conference
ISACS offers a two-day conference for heads of schools that explores school leadership.
Chicago, IL
2/10/2020 NAIS Webinar International, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Developing Your Independent School Overseas
This webinar will take you through the process of planning a sister school or partnership overseas, including details of potential locations, possible structures, and requirements for international development.
2/11/2020 NAIS Webinar NAIS Conversation Series with Tim Fish: Strategic Momentum—A Key to Long-term Sustainability
NAIS Conversation Series on creating momentum for change in your school. 
2/22/2020 Other Careers, Jobs Kansas City Independent Schools Career Fair
The Kansas City Independent Schools Career Fair is hosted by St. Teresa's Academy and St. Paul's Episcopal Day School.
Kansas City, MO
3/7/2020 Other Diversity_and_Inclusion, Careers, Hiring Job Fair to Promote Diversity in Independent Schools
The NJAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity in Independent Schools serves as an opportunity for the 87 member schools to connect with talented, motivated, compassionate educators who can embolden culture and community. 
Morristown, NJ
3/11/2020 NAIS Professional_Development, NAISStrategyLab, Advancement NAIS Strategy Lab: Advancement Workshop
This workshop will cover key insights from our Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Donor Research. This research will dive into the causality of why major donors give, and our practical frameworks will focus on ways schools can innovate their advancement practices with this new knowledge. You can expect a blend of theory and practice with multiple opportunities to work as a team and cross-collaborate with your peers and NAIS staff. 
Charlotte, NC
4/21/2020 NAIS Professional_Development, ReimaginingEducation, NAISStrategyLab NAIS Strategy Lab: General Workshop 4
The workshop will cover key insights from our Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Parent Research, how supply- vs. demand-side thinking can impact innovation initiatives, how to uncover complexities in school-wide challenges, and frameworks for iterative prototype design and implementation to help you better meet the needs of a dynamic market.
Atlanta, GA
7/7/2020 Other Diversity_and_Inclusion, Professional_Development The Diversity Initiative at Riverside
Join educators for a two-day collaborative training experience guided by nationally known diversity trainer Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee. The Diversity Initiative at Riverside is intended to promote personal growth and pedagogical approaches that support equity-minded education and global competencies in our schools.
Riverside Presbyterian Day School