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02/24/2024 Other Curriculum, Learning Spear Center Workshop: Developing Inquiry Fluency Through Inquiry
During the two-day interactive workshop, participants will explore the concept of inquiry fluency, understand why learners need inquiry fluency, and discover strategies for developing inquiry fluency in students. They will also learn how to incorporate inquiry fluency into units of study and explore strategies for teachers and curriculum leaders to develop their own inquiry fluency.
International School of Portland (Portland, OR)
02/24/2024 Other Student Health and Well-Being McLean School Cecily's Advocacy Conference
This event brings together their community along with parents, professional educators, and mental health practitioners from the greater Washington, DC, area. Participants will leave with tangible tools to implement in their parenting and professional lives.
McLean School (Potomac, MD)
02/27/2024 Other Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Development, Teaching and Learning CATDC's Meeting the Needs of all Learners: Introduction to UDL
This introductory course is designed to teach educators about the core concepts and foundations of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), practical applications of UDL to lesson design, and how to support flexible, inclusive instruction.
02/28/2024 NAIS NAIS, Professional Development, Conference Thrive 2024: NAIS Annual Conference
Thrive: NAIS Annual Conference 2024 is the premier professional development and networking event for administrators, trustees, and teachers at independent schools.
St. Louis, MO
02/28/2024 NAIS Leadership, Heads of School, NAIS, Professional Development, Conference 2024 NAIS Heads’ Summit
Reconnect and recharge with heads of school from independent schools around the country. The Heads’ Summit is an event for sitting heads of school only that will take place in St. Louis, MO, before the Thrive 2024: NAIS Annual Conference.
St. Louis, MO
02/28/2024 Other Diversity and Inclusion, Student Health and Well-Being, Workshops CATDC Series: Cultivating Gender-Inclusive Environments in K-12 Schools
In this virtual workshop series, participants will learn promising practices for supporting and empowering trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive students in K-12 schools using specific resources such as gender communication and support plans.
02/29/2024 Other Leadership, Professional Development, Students Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education Retreat: Developing Student Leaders
Join us to develop skills and insights to support the development of lifelong leadership skills in youth. This retreat will include the key components of youth leadership, ethical leadership, and a learning model that supports sustainable growth. We will examine brain development and an element of neurocognitive diversity that feeds how we interact and work together.
The Hockaday School (Dallas, TX)
02/29/2024 Other Equity/Justice, Hiring CATDC Workshop: Equitable Hiring Practices in Independent Schools
In this virtual intensive, participants will review policies, California and Federal laws, and statutes to ensure adherence to search and hiring procedures. Using data, research, best practices, and case studies, participants will learn equitable hiring practices for hiring committees with alignment to the CAIS Strategic Plan (2023 – 2027) Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging Principles.
03/01/2024 Other Technology, Safety, Discipline, Workshops CATDC Workshop: Accountability in the Digital World
In this two-part virtual workshop series, participants will have the opportunity to unpack incidents that have taken place at their own schools, discuss how to make lasting repairs in partnership with students, rather than fall into damage control patterns, and to think long-term about what it means for young people to be accountable in the digital world.
03/02/2024 Other Leadership, Teachers Spear Center Workshop: Empowering Teacher Leaders: Fostering Excellence in our Schools
Participants will explore the essential qualities and skills that define effective teacher leadership, including collaboration, communication, and effective team management. Through thought-provoking discussions and hands-on activities, attendees will gain practical strategies to build their leadership capacity.
International School of Portland (Portland, OR)