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Date Event type Category Name Location
9/25/2018 NAIS Webinar Communication, Politics, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Midterms, Full Tensions: What You Need to Know About Political Engagement and Civil Discourse
Join us to hear about what political actions schools can and cannot take, and learn how NAIS member schools are helping their communities be more aware and engaged citizens while maintaining civil discourse.
9/26/2018 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Getting to 100% - Tips for DASL Data Accuracy and Completion
Join us to learn how to catch potential errors as you enter your school’s information them into DASL.
9/27/2018 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Race and Ethnicity, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Race and Ethnicity Data for 2019–2020 DASL Collection
Join us to learn how race and ethnicity will be collected in DASL in the 2019-2020 collection period and how changes can help you set strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of your initiatives.
10/3/2018 Other Networking, Operations, Professional Development MISBO Fall Conference
For the past several years independent schools have been asking some big questions. What will the students of tomorrow need, and how do we anticipate those needs? Do we have the right mix of programs, facilities, faculty, and technology to support those needs?
Hilton Head, SC
10/4/2018 NAIS Webinar Diversity and Equity, Public Purpose, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Building Socioeconomic Diversity and Ensuring Inclusion
Join us to explore the ways to advance your resources, programs, and support systems to broad inclusion for all admitted students and families.
10/5/2018 NAIS Institute Leadership Through Partnership
NAIS, in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, has enhanced and refined the Leadership Through Partnership workshop to enable effective, successful board and head relationships. 
Washington, DC
10/14/2018 Other Board of Trustees, Communication, Heads of School SAIS Board/Head Retreat
The SAIS Board/Head Retreat offers an opportunity to strengthen the communication and partnership between heads and board members. 

Charleston, SC
10/16/2018 Other Safety, Advocacy/Grassroots, Behavior/Conduct, Regulations, Sexual Abuse/Harassment Creating a Culture of Safety: Building Skills to Prevent & Respond to Sexual Misconduct in Schools & Youth Organizations
This event will feature a day of skill-building sessions to increase the confidence of school and youth organization leaders to prevent and respond to a range of boundary-violating behaviors on the continuum of employee misconduct.
Framingham, MA
10/16/2018 Other Behavior/Conduct, Schools, Sexual Abuse/Harassment, Training Creating a Culture of Safety: Building Skills to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Misconduct in Schools
This event will feature a day of skill-building sessions to increase the confidence of school and youth organization leaders to prevent and respond to a range of boundary-violating behaviors on the continuum of employee misconduct.
Framingham, MA
10/18/2018 NAIS Legal NAIS-TABS Legal Symposium

Learn about the key legal issues facing independent schools today with a stellar lineup of panel discussions, roundtables, and workshops.

Philadelphia, PA
10/19/2018 Other Wellness, Careers and Professional Development, Communication Mindfulness Retreat for Parents and Youth-Serving Professionals
Join the first iBme adult mindfulness retreat at Garrison Institute for parents/guardians, teachers, and youth-serving professionals. This retreat will explore mindfulness through formal meditation periods and relational mindfulness activities. Participants will develop skills of focused concentration, introspection, compassion, and insight.
Garrison, NY
10/22/2018 Other Leadership, Teachers, Community, Learning, Innovation, Communication SAIS Annual Conference
An informative, innovative, and comprehensive opportunity for independent school leaders to gather and discover proven strategies and emerging trends. Featuring Dr. Shimi Kang.
Atlanta, GA
10/29/2018 Other Teachers, Community, Strategic Planning VAIS Leading Learning Conference
With a theme of Better Together, the VAIS Professional Development Advisory Commission (PDAC) has developed a conference looking for PK-12 teachers and academic administrators to share a variety of models and strategies, skills, resources and tools, opportunities, and ideas that support connectivity and community at all levels.
Richmond, VA
11/28/2018 NAIS Conference 2018 NAIS People of Color Conference
Join us this year in Nashville, Tennessee, where we'll explore the theme Equitable Schools and Inclusive Communities: Harmony, Discord, and the Notes in Between.
Nashville, TN
11/28/2018 NAIS Conference 2018 Student Diversity Leadership Conference
SDLC is a multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders (grades 9–12) from across the United States. SDLC focuses on self-reflecting, forming allies, and building community.
Nashville, TN
2/27/2019 NAIS Conference 2019 NAIS Annual Conference

Join us at the 2019 NAIS Annual Conference, February 27–March 1, in Long Beach, CA, where we'll explore the theme Reimagining Independent Schools: Tearing Down Walls, Building Capacity, and Designing Our Future.

Long Beach, CA
5/3/2019 Other Special Programs, Students, Special Needs Professional Visit Day
Education professionals who work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or ASD are invited to visit Landmark College.
Putney, VT