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6/13/2023 NAIS Diversity_and_Inclusion, Equity_Justice, NAIS, Professional_Development, Institute NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute (ISNI)
NAIS is partnering with Gender Spectrum, a national leader in creating gender sensitive and positively responsive environments for all children and teens, to present ISNI. This five-day institute (June 13-16 and June 23) is customized for the unique needs of independent schools, students, families, and communities, and serves as the gateway to Gender Spectrum’s national network and yearlong capacity-building program for gender-inclusive practice.
Online (June 13-16 and June 23)
6/14/2023 Other Teachers, Learning, Summer, Workshops CATDC Workshop: Meeting the Needs of all Learners: Introduction to UDL
This virtual summer institute is designed to teach educators about the core concepts and foundations of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), practical applications of UDL to lesson design, and how to support flexible, inclusive instruction. Attendees will discuss how all learners can meet high expectations.
6/14/2023 NAIS Webinar Support, Webinar, CrisisManagement, ExecutiveAssistants NAIS Webinar for Executive Assistants and Support Staff: Dealing with Crisis
When a crisis strikes, action from the head of school and main office are critical. That means that assistants and support staff have vital roles to play, too. Get advice to help you deal with a variety of different crises as we discuss the various roles on a crisis response team.
6/14/2023 Other Professional_Development, ExecutiveAssistants SAIS Institute for Administrative Assistants
This program provides practical resources, helpful tips, and networking opportunities for administrative assistants in an independent school, whether serving in a department, division, or the head’s office. 
Sarasota, FL
6/15/2023 Other Diversity_and_Inclusion, Community, Networking, Support APISA Study Group: Deconstructing the “Model Minority” Myth Using Our Lived Experience
This two-day study group is a continuation of the APISA (Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian) Study Group that began in June 2021 and continued through June 2022. This program is an opportunity to connect with other APISA educators in an affinity setting that will provide a safe and generative space to self-reflect, share stories, and learn from each other’s experiences.
6/19/2023 Other Heads_of_School, Professional_Development SAIS Institute for Heads
Engage with other heads and spouses at this energizing and nurturing retreat led by Rob Evans and Michael Thompson, offering thoughtful, nuanced conversations on complex issues facing heads of school.
Sarasota, FL
6/20/2023 Other Professional_Development, Workplace, Workshops CATDC Workshop: From Busy to Intentional
Kick off your summer with this interactive workshop on value, time, and project management. Over the course of four 60-minute sessions, you will learn and put into practice strategies for work efficiency. 
6/21/2023 NAIS Webinar Diversity_and_Inclusion, Equity_Justice, Heads_of_School, Networking, Support NAIS Meetup for Heads of Color
As we continue to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the social and political unrest in our communities and country, the need for connection, shared knowledge, and support is evident. To provide school leaders and staff with these collaborative opportunities, NAIS offers virtual meetups and webinars that address vital issues in school life, from legal advisories to global education, race, culture, and well-being.
6/25/2023 NAIS Leadership, Diversity_and_Inclusion, Equity_Justice, NAIS, Professional_Development, Institute NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI)
The 2023-24 school year presents a litany of challenges for school leaders— including diversity and equity professionals and other educators—committed to inclusive excellence. DLI is an engaging, trusted community of practice that helps educators meet today’s challenges and transform them into opportunities for innovation and strategic change.
Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, GA
6/25/2023 Other Admissions, Enrollment, Professional_Development, Training, Institute AISAP Annual Institute
You’ll hear the latest from the independent and private school admission and enrollment community, participate in tactical training, and network with organizations and colleagues from around the world.
La Jolla, CA
6/26/2023 Other Leadership, Professional_Development, Workshops ISACS Leadership Academy
This three-day event will provide tools to make you a more effective leader of change, giving you new clarity and direction. With supportive colleagues, you’ll learn from expert faculty from the Northwestern University Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management.
Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management (Chicago, IL)
6/26/2023 Other Teachers, Administration, Counseling, Health, Professional_Development The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning: SEL Summer Institute
Each institute brings together K-12 teachers, administrators and counselors from around the world for a four-day professional development program that builds on evidence based SEL practices and fosters collaboration, reflection, and renewal.
The Potomac School, McLean, VA
6/26/2023 Other Health, Professional_Development, Conference SAIS Summer Conference
The SAIS Summer Conference is designed for those who focus on the well-being of the school community. Content will be appropriate for heads, assistant heads, division leaders, deans, counselors, and other school leaders. Participating together as a team is encouraged.
Sarasota, FL
7/9/2023 NAIS Leadership, Heads_of_School, NAIS, Professional_Development, Institute NAIS Institute for New Heads (INH)
This highly regarded program for incoming and second-year heads of school will bring you the knowledge of seasoned heads, the understanding and support of fellow new heads, and the tools to thrive as a leader. Unique in its national perspective, expert resources and faculty, and cohort-building approach, INH has prepared hundreds of heads of school to succeed in their new role.
Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, GA
7/10/2023 Other Leadership, Innovation, Professional_Development Tahoe Expedition Academy Disrupting Education (by design) Symposium
This event includes speaker events open to the public and multi-day professional development workshops for educators.
Truckee, CA
7/24/2023 Other Learning, Health, Networking, Professional_Development, Summer The Institute for Social & Emotional Learning: Summer SEL Institute (Chicago)
Each institute brings together K-12 teachers, administrators, and counselors from around the world for a four-day professional development program that builds on evidence-based SEL practices and fosters collaboration, reflection, and renewal.
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (Chicago, IL)
7/25/2023 NAIS Leadership, NAIS, Professional_Development, Institute NAIS School Leadership Institute (SLI)
Regardless of your career stage, you’ll find SLI to be a beneficial step in your leadership development. This intensive, three-day residential program helps you better understand your own leadership style and identify your strengths as well as areas for growth in five key facets of independent school leadership. 
The National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA
7/25/2023 Other Diversity_and_Inclusion, Community, Equity_Justice, Professional_Development, Workshops CATDC Workshop: The Equity Institute
This institute is designed for educators to explore a range of innovative approaches to weaving social justice pedagogy and practices into the fabric of their school community.
Lick-Wilmerding High School (San Francisco, CA)
7/26/2023 NAIS Assessment, Equity_Justice, Grades, NAIS, Professional_Development, Workshops NAIS Equity Design Lab (EDL): Grading for Equity
EDL is a leadership and professional development experience that encourages participants to use and share design principles, action research, collaborative skill-building, and best and emerging practices. The goal is to develop innovative solutions and models that independent schools can use to address challenges and opportunities related to equity and social justice inside and out of the classroom. The 2023 event will focus on grading for equity.
University School, Nashville, TN
7/31/2023 Other Learning, Health, Networking, Professional_Development, Summer The Institute for Social & Emotional Learning: Summer SEL Institute (San Francisco)
Each institute brings together K-12 teachers, administrators, and counselors from around the world for a four-day professional development program that builds on evidence-based SEL practices and fosters collaboration, reflection, and renewal.
The Nueva School, Hillsborough Campus (San Francisco, CA)