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08/12/2024 Other Leadership, Administrators, Management, Professional Development CATDC: Cultivating Trust and Collaboration: A Roadmap for Senior Leadership Teams
The retreat is specifically designed for senior leadership teams. Through theory and practice, group activities, and facilitated discussions, participants will explore practical strategies for building stronger connections, enhancing collaboration, and creating a culture of trust and accountability within the team. The retreat will also provide effective practices for decision-making as well as vision and goal setting for the school year.
Jewish Community High School (San Francisco, CA)
08/15/2024 Other Leadership, Communication, Professional Development CATDC: Unlocking Your Facilitation Potential
This comprehensive workshop is designed specifically for educators who want to hone their facilitation skills. Whether you’re an aspiring leader, department head, group leader, or administrator, you recognize the pivotal role of facilitation in driving productive group dynamics.
Harvard-Westlake Upper School (Studio City, CA)
08/20/2024 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Webinar NAIS DASL Data Entry Webinar: DASL Data Entry: FAQs
Questions about data entry? In this webinar, join CASE, NAIS, and NBOA DASL experts to hear this year’s most frequently asked questions and their answers. Bring your questions. We’re here to help!
09/25/2024 NAIS Leadership, Board of Trustees, Governance, Heads of School, NAIS, Professional Development, Workshops NAIS Leadership Through Partnership (LTP)
LTP provides your school’s head and board leader(s) the chance to collaborate and strengthen their partnership. Away from busy day-to-day life, they can identify shared goals for their school. Together they learn more about the challenges that their school—and the independent school community—are facing. 
NAIS Headquarters, Washington, DC
09/26/2024 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Webinar NAIS DASL Data Entry Webinar: DASL Data Entry: Getting to 100%
What is 100%? How do I get there? Join your colleagues and the DASL Team in this webinar to see why it’s important and learn how. Let’s all commit to the best data set possible, the foundation for so much leadership work across schools, for the NAIS Trendbook, DASL Databook, accreditation reports in state and regional associations, and many other critical uses.
10/11/2024 Other Leadership, Innovation, Conference ShiftinEdu 2024
ShiftinEdu is a two-day learning event hosted by St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, designed for forward-thinking educators who embrace evidence-based and innovative practices in K-12 environments. Attendees can learn from top educational thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of how to design and deliver innovative learning experiences that prepare students for success.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School (Miami, FL)
10/20/2024 Other Board of Trustees, Governance, Heads of School, Professional Development SAIS Board/Head Workshop
An opportunity for heads and board members to strengthen collaboration on current challenges, identify common goals, and strategically plan for the success of the school.
Charlotte, NC
10/20/2024 Other Professional Development, Conference SAIS Annual Conference
Make plans to join independent school leaders from across the region for this inspiring, thoughtful, and comprehensive educational event. The conference features three keynotes and two dozen breakouts addressing a wide array of topics. Discover new strategies for success and learn about emerging trends from top-notch speakers. Keynotes include Mesmin Destin, Michelle Icard, and Grant Lichtman.
Charlotte, NC
10/22/2024 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Webinar NAIS DASL Data Entry Webinar: DASL|BIIS Financial Operations Data Entry
Join NBOA and NAIS data experts in this webinar to get clarification on the DASL|BIIS Financial Operations common data entry mistakes and how to avoid them. Bring your questions. We’re here to help!
12/04/2024 NAIS Equity/Justice, NAIS, Conference 2024 NAIS People of Color Conference
The NAIS People of Color Conference is the flagship of NAIS’s commitment to equity and justice in teaching, learning, and sustainability for independent schools. This year’s theme—Meeting the Moment: Anchoring and Enriching Our Education Futures—is a call to action for the unique time we’re experiencing.
Denver, CO