NAIS Member School Roster Checklist

Every faculty, staff, and trustee at your school can access the benefits that come with your NAIS membership, as long as they are attached to your school account. Here's how to manage your school's roster.

Contacts with the Super Admin or Roster Manager role can manage their school’s roster. To get started, log in to, click on Manage Your Account from the login box on the homepage, then click Organization Roster to start updating your roster.



Add, edit, or remove staff members from your roster.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit or the X icon to remove any contact from your roster. Click the Add Contact button at the top of the page to add new staff to your school’s roster.

Ensure that each contact has a “Primary Role” selected.

  • From the dropdown menu, select the role that most closely aligns with the contact’s work. This is used to send communications about relevant resources to your team. Please assign the “Head of School” role to only one individual.

Select two Independent School magazine recipients.

  • Members and Premium Subscribers receive 3 complimentary copies. The Head of School will automatically receive one copy, and you select the other two recipients by checking the “Magazine Benefit” box. If you do not select these, they will be randomly assigned to contacts on your account.

Indicate which staff should have Career Center Access.

  • Your school has unlimited access to post jobs in the NAIS Career Center, but only contacts with the “Career Center Access” box checked will be allowed to access that resource.

Grant Super Admin or Roster Manager permissions.

  • Only contacts currently assigned as the Super Admin are able to edit these permissions. Super Admins or Roster Managers can manage the school roster and account management form.

Click here to view a video on how to update your school's roster and account.