NAIS Jobs-to-Be-Done Reports

Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Independent School Parents

Independent schools are facing a new educational landscape affected by rapid changes in the demographic, economic, and social composition of their student and parent populations. How can schools evolve to best meet families’ needs?

Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Independent School Donors

The world of charitable giving to independent schools is becoming more complex, so it’s important to understand why donors give to your school. What circumstances push them to give? What outcomes are they hoping for when they donate to your school?

Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Independent School Teachers

There are many incredible teachers and teachers-to-be who would appreciate the opportunity to work at an independent school. Understanding why they do or don’t make this switch is crucial to attracting—and retaining—top talent.

What are Boards Searching for When They Hire a School Leader?

Boards are responsible for ensuring the school fulfills its mission and uses its resources wisely. How can your board determine what type of leader your school needs now and for the future, and how can trustees be aligned in that process?

Jobs-to-Be-Done Study on Parents of International Students

NAIS conducted interviews with parents and guardians of international students to understand the Jobs to Be Done for parents of international students and how these Jobs may differ from those of parents of domestic students.