Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism

For more than 10 years, the NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) has provided schools with a deep understanding of the climate of inclusion on their campuses, from current and past students to teachers, administrators, and trustees. With AIM, you can benchmark your school’s climate and advance other strategic equity goals—there are several options available to you in the AIM suite that may best suit your institution.

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Why use AIM?

In many organizations, the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion are viewed as intangibles—
good things to have, to do, and to profess, but not necessarily the grounds of structured processes and accountability. Delivering quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrates the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion that are crucial to your school’s success. 

The data from AIM can convert thoughts, ideas, and assumed best practices into benchmarked numbers for real goal setting. Your evaluation will help shine a light on topics that include:

  • Progress in meeting diversity, equity, and inclusion goals
  • Success in existing diversity and multicultural programs and initiatives
  • Your school's current level of inclusivity as perceived by multiple constituencies
  • Areas of need, whether in curriculum, infrastructure, governance, or services
  • Engagement processes that illuminate patterns, multiple perspectives, and opportunities for improvement

The AIM Online Climate Survey engages your community in a confidential analysis designed to elicit feedback on school climate and culture. Again, members of all constituent groups are given access to the online survey, and upon completion, the school receives summarized results. These results come in an easy-to-digest format the school can put to use in strategic planning and in follow-up training and programming. 

Choices That Work for Your School

AIM is a tremendously beneficial tool for helping schools do what they do best—create vibrant, engaging learning communities that elicit peak achievement and performance from all involved. 
Schools have the following options:

  • Package I: Online Climate Survey and School Self-Assessment
  • Package II: Online Climate Survey
  • Package III: School Self-Assessment
  • Optional: Younger Student Climate Survey
Ready to register? Click here to download the forms.

Steps for AIM Process

  1. Appoint an AIM Site Coordinator for your school who serves as the primary point person during the duration of the AIM process.
  2. Complete the AIM registration form (must be signed by the Head of School).
  3. Upon confirmation of purchase, you will receive a welcome letter from NAIS to your school’s AIM Site Coordinator via email within two weeks. It will include the following:
    • AIM User’s Manual
    • AIM School Self-Assessment Guide
    • AIM Online Climate Survey Participation Rate Shell
    • AIM Climate Survey Constituent Category Definitions
  4. The AIM Site Coordinator and other designees will take part in training via online video conference or pre-recorded webinar in preparing you to implement the processes and tools.
  5. Submit AIM Online Climate Survey Participation Rate Shell and school logo in .jpeg format to for your preview link to be built out.
  6. Once AIM Site Coordinator and other designees review preview link, coordinator then will send written approval to receive the published link.
  7. Once your survey windows have closed, NAIS will send your school’s Online Climate Survey Report. 
  8. If the school as opted to complete the self-assessment, you will conduct focus groups called “Discovery Committees.” Your AIM Site Coordinator and other designees will facilitate logistics for the completion of Discovery Committees.
  9. With the AIM data, the (the internal School Self-Assessment Report and/or Online Climate Survey Report) in hand, the AIM Site Coordinator and other designees can compile a Final Report.
  10. If you should have any further questions or inquiries about the AIM process, please reach out to Tony Hernandez at