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The NAIS Member Voices podcast features stories from the thoughtful, hard-working individuals who make up the independent school community. You'll hear from faculty and staff at NAIS member schools about their roles, challenges, successes, inspiration sources, and more. Whether you are currently part of the NAIS community, considering joining, or simply interested in learning more about our industry, we hope you will listen and enjoy!

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Episode 1: Alex Brosowsky, Head of School, The Quaker School at Horsham

Alex Brosowsky, head of school at The Quaker School at Horsham (Pennsylvania), talks about running and marketing a small school, changes he’s noticed in independent schools over time, and the need to stop and take deep breaths.

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Episode 2: Ann Klotz, Headmistress, Laurel School

Ann Klotz, headmistress at Laurel School (Ohio) speaks with us about her theatrical background, women in independent schools, and daring to fail gloriously.

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Episode 3: Ruth Glass, Head of School, Lake Tahoe School

Ruth Glass, head of school at Lake Tahoe School (Nevada) discusses the need for community, how she approaches meeting with parents, her proudest moments, and more.

Relevant Resource:
  • NAIS Connect, an online community to share ideas and resources with peers. 

Episode 4: Crissy Caceres, Assistant Head of School, Georgetown Day School

Crissy Caceres, assistant head of school at Georgetown Day School (Washington, DC), joins us to discuss best practices for creating an inclusive school community, the value of social activism, and how she spends her “free time.”
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Episode 5: Chaka Cummings, Middle School Director, Blake School

Chaka Cummings, middle school director at the Blake School (Minnesota), explains how his background in corporate finance shaped his pedagogy. He discusses his experience as a division head of color and shares some of his favorite movie quotes.
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Episode 6: Stacy Routhier, Director of Marketing and Communications, Renbrook School

Stacy Routhier, director of marketing and communications at Renbrook School (Connecticut), discusses marketing do’s and don’ts, staying afloat as an office of one, and the importance of getting away from your desk.
Relevant Resources:

Episode 7: Marja Brandon, Head of School, Woodland School

Marja Brandon, head of school at Woodland School (California), shares stories of her Quaker upbringing, growing up with learning differences, and the importance of a strong handshake.

Relevant Resources:
  • The NAIS School Heads community allows heads of school to connect with peers to share ideas, find solutions, and expand their network.
    This specific group is open to heads of NAIS member schools only, but there are many other groups available for other roles. Please contact if you have questions regarding this resource.
  • The Spring 2017 issue of Independent School magazine, with the theme “The Innovation-Education Continuum.”
  • Learn more about Marja on her blog.

Episode 8: Matthew Pearce, Executive Principal, Princeton International School for Mathematics and Science

Matthew Pearce, executive principal at Princeton International School for Mathematics and Science (New Jersey), discusses being a founding head of school, working with non-native English speakers, and his school’s unique model and approach.

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Episode 9: Deanna Dement Myers, Director of Development, Fayerweather Street School

Deanna Dement Myers, director of development at Fayerweather Street School (MA), provides tips for development officers, talks about what it’s like to work in and have a child who attends an independent school, and describes how she, as a multiracial administrator, learns from students of color.

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Episode 10: Lisa Damour, Consulting Psychologist, Laurel School

Lisa Damour, consulting psychologist at Laurel School (OH) and author of Untangled, describes what it’s like working at an all-girls school, how to help students build resilience, and what she’s reading right now.
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knorthphotography-SCSadmissions-oct27-17-50.jpgEpisode 11: Martha Perry, Principal, St. Clement's School

Martha Perry, principal at St. Clement's School (Canada), tells us about her leadership journey, how she approaches transgender issues at her school, and what surprises her most in her role.
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Reed-Headshot-2.jpgEpisode 12: Amani Reed, Head of School, The School at Columbia University

Amani Reed, head of school at The School at Columbia University (NY), joins us to discuss his work in equity and justice, what he's baking right now, and the importance of laughing a lot.
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Episode 13: Larry Goodman, Head of School, Andrews Osborne Academy

Larry Goodman, head of school at Andrews Osborne Academy (OH), tells us why he has the best job in the world, the vital importance of creative thinking, and his dream of becoming the play-by-play announcer for the Baltimore Orioles.
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Episode 14: Kathryn McNamee, High School Principal, St. Mary's Academy

Kathryn McNamee, high school principal at St. Mary's Academy (CO), tells us about the challenges that come with modern technology, her passion for her students, and what she's planning to do in retirement.

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Episode 15: Peter Gurt, President, Milton Hershey School

Peter Gurt, president at Milton Hershey School (PA), speaks with us about servant leadership, life at a boarding school, and his acting background.

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Episode 16: Doug Worthen, Director of Mindfulness, Middlesex School

Doug Worthen, director of mindfulness at Middlesex School (MA), joins us to discuss his practice, what it's like living with 30 adolescent boys, and meditating while scuba diving.

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Episode 17: Jill Cross, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, TMI Episcopal

Jill Cross, dean of curriculum and instruction at TMI Episcopal (TX), speaks with us about how to start strong in a new role, being a cheerleader for teachers, and her love of George Washington.

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Helen-Rankin-Butler.jpgEpisode 18: Helen Rankin Butler, Board Chair, Hathaway Brown School

Helen Rankin Butler, board chair at Hathaway Brown School (OH), tells us about being a "lifer," tips for great governance, and her love of cooking.

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Episode 19: Frazier Stowers, Director of Admission and Tuition Assistance, Woodberry Forest School

Frazier Stowers, director of admission and tuition assistance at Woodberry Forest School (VA), describes his mentors, his "working definition" of leadership, and his love of spending time outside.
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Episode 20: Trina Moore-Southall, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Brentwood School

Trina Moore-Southall, director of equity and inclusion at Brentwood School (CA), shares how she never planned to be in this role, the challenges she's faced, and the importance of prayer in her life.
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Episode 21: John Kerney, Executive Director and CEO, Winchendon School

John Kerney, executive director and CEO at Winchendon School (MA), reveals the unique approach his school took to help ensure financial sustainability, how much fun he's having in his job, and his love of the podcast How I Built This.
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nais180614_tekakwitha-4.jpgEpisode 22: Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, Head of School, Sea Crest School

Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, head of school at Sea Crest School (CA), shares five tips for aspiring heads, her school's approach to student health and well-being, and her daily rituals.
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Episode 23: Nicole DuFauchard, Head of School, The Advent School

Nicole DuFauchard, head of school at The Advent School (MA), tells us about how her school recruits and retains top talent, the many books she's reading, and her love of Wonder Woman.
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Episode 24: Adam Nye, Assistant Head for Educational Strategy and Gary J. Neils Chair for City as Our Campus, Winchester Thurston School

Adam talks to us about taking on a new role, how his school is preparing for the future, and his New Year's resolutions.
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Episode 25: Robert Brisk, Head of School, The Wellington School

Robert discusses how his school is deepening student engagement, how he builds an effective team, and what his Jersey roots taught him about communication.
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Episode 26: Connie Fink, Fifth-grade Social Studies Teacher, University School of Nashville

Connie talks to us about making her classroom an inspiring place to learn, finding balance, and what kind of impact she wants to have on her students.
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Episode 27: Patti Wilczek, Head of School, Helios School

Patti discusses what it's like to work at a school for gifted students, how she has managed crises at past schools, and how she could have been a geologist.
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