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Why Should You Advertise in Independent School magazine?

  1. It’s a trusted brand. The National Association of Independent Schools is the premier organization for private, independent schools in the United States, and the magazine has been a core benefit of membership for more than 80 years.
  2. It’s guaranteed to be in the hands of decision makers. It's the only national magazine for heads and senior leaders at independent schools. Four times a year, the magazine is sent directly to the top decision maker at an independent school—the head of school.
  3. It’s forward-thinking. From governance and leadership to equity and justice to advancement and finance to health and well-being, every issue covers critical education and management trends with the national and global perspective school leaders need and gives them access to thought leaders, industry experts, and peers.
  4. It’s in print. Yes, you read that right. Print matters now more than ever, especially in NAIS’s community of highly engaged and educated readers.
Independent School magazine, featuring a modern design and a fresh approach to content, speaks directly to busy leaders and aspiring leaders. Each issue serves up the timely content they need to stay grounded in the now and looking ahead to the future––and the services and products they need to help them get there.

The magazine includes dedicated departments that address the topics and issues school leaders need to have on their radar. And these sections and departments mean targeted placement—more opportunity to place your ads near relevant content.

There’s no better way to optimize your marketing budget and get national reach with this highly targeted and highly engaged audience of school leaders! Get started today. Contact Sue Partyke in our advertising sales office at (540) 374-9100 or [email protected].

Issues and Closing Dates

Winter 2022
Focus: Teaching & Learning

Space: September 30, 2021
Materials: October 14, 2021
Mail date: 12/28/2021

Spring 2022
Focus: Culture

Space: December 23, 2021
Materials: January 12, 2022
Mail date: 3/15/2022

Summer 2022
Focus: Headship

Space: March 9, 2022
Materials: March 23, 2022
Mail date: 5/31/2022

Fall 2022
Focus: The Market

Space: June 15, 2022
Materials: June 29, 2022
Mail date: 9/6/2022

Winter 2023
Focus: Strategy

Space: September 2022
Materials: October 2022

Advertising Rates

 4 Color  NAIS Supporter/Nonprofit    Standard
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 Cover 3  $4,022  $3,523    $4,424  $3,876
 Cover 4  $4,610  $4,116    $5,070  $4,528
 Full page  $2,893  $2,672    $3,183  $2,940
 2/3 page  $2,699  $2,573    $2,968  $2,830
 1/2 page  $2,525  $2,326    $2,778  $2,559
 1/3 page  $2,410  $2,237    $2,651  $2,460
 1/6 page  $2,137  $2,027    $2,351  $2,229
 B/W  NAIS Supporter/Nonprofit    Standard
   1x  4x    1x  4x
 Full page  $1,766  $1,525    $1,942  $1,678
 2/3 page  $1,562  $1,423    $1,718  $1,565
 1/2 page  $1,375  $1,156    $1,512  $1,272
 1/3 page  $1,252  $1,070    $1,377  $1,177
 1/6 page  $963  $840    $1,059  $924

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Who reads Independent School?

Circulation: 8,650
Total readership: 26,815
Top Roles Among Leadership
Head of school
Assistant heads
Division heads
Business managers
Communication directors
Diversity practitioners
Admission and financial aid professionals
Development officers
Technology directors

Independent School readers...

are highly engaged:
80% read half or more of the magazine.

and they pay attention:
71% spend 30 minutes to 2 hours reading the magazine; 45% spend 30 minutes to an hour.