Resources for Educators About the Conflict in the Middle East

Updated March 28, 2024
(Previously Updated October 17, October 20, October 25, and November 20, 2023, and January 16 and March 12, 2024)

The terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel and the resulting war in the Gaza Strip has led to thousands of lives lost. Many NAIS community members are worrying about loved ones and mourning personal loss. The conflict is also spurring difficult but important conversations in schools. We hope some of the resources below, shared previously with heads of school, can help NAIS school leaders and educators as they support their communities; restore a sense of safety; guide students through understanding the conflict, the context, and its impact; and manage complex conversations in their communities.

NAIS Resources

Teaching Resources

Helping Children Cope with Upsetting News Events

Tips for Parents Talking to Children about the Israel-Hamas War

Addressing Intolerance and Bias at School

Communicating with Your School Community