New View EDU Episode 2: Key Takeaways

In "Schools for Safety and Well-Being," Episode 2 of the NAIS New View EDU podcast, hosts Tim Fish and Lisa Kay Solomon explore school safety, well-being, and belonging—topics that are on everyone’s mind these days.

The guests are celebrated architect Barry Svigals, who helped to reimagine and rebuild Sandy Hook Elementary School after the tragedy, and Sam Seidel, Stanford K12 Lab director of strategy and research. They share the foundations of the work they do to help communities reimagine school safety and foster a sense of communal caring.
Use these prompts to spark discussions with your leadership teams. (You can also read the full episode notes here.)

Key Takeaways

  • Take a look at the School Safety workshop materials.
  • Pick one question at random to discuss with your leadership team or intentionally select one of the 47 questions for consideration.
  • As you answer the questions, consider how other stakeholders might interpret the questions—your faculty, your students.
  • Consider inviting students to join your session, or host a separate session with students.
  • Pay attention to the different themes that the questions probe: themes of well-being, community, and equity. How else might you define these themes in the context of your school? Would everyone define and describe them in the same way?
  • Consider how to frame your own questions through a future-focused, community-building, inclusive stance.