Independent School Task Force on Educator Sexual Misconduct Report: Prevention and Response

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) partnered in the summer of 2016 to form the Independent School Task Force on Educator Sexual Misconduct. The goal of the Task Force was to contribute to a broader understanding of educator sexual misconduct in independent schools and to identify specific strategies that independent schools can take to prevent and respond to misconduct effectively. 

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Companion Resources

This report is not intended as a detailed, stand-alone tactical plan for schools to address sexual abuse and educator sexual misconduct. Rather, it frames broad strategic actions for every school. NAIS members can click here to access a comprehensive and curated list of relevant resources as a companion to this report. NAIS and TABS plan to update this list regularly, and we welcome your suggestions about other relevant resources we should include.

NAIS Webinar Recording

This NAIS member webinar recording highlights the findings and recommendations of the report. Presenters included: Donna Orem, NAIS; Pete Upham, TABS; and Debra Wilson, NAIS.