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The State of K-12 Enrollment 2021-2022

Find out what independent schools should know about available data on COVID-19 pandemic era enrollment trends in the U.S. education system.

2021 State of Independent School Marketing Survey

Learn about independent school marketing professionals' scope of work and practices, with extra focus on digital strategies. Get tips from expert marketers to help your school tell its story and grow for the future.

2021 State of Financial Aid Survey

Learn how financial aid professionals view their goals, struggles, impact, and needs. Use the findings to support your school's strategic investment in financial aid and the people who manage it day to day.

Reimagine Tuition

What factors should you consider when setting tuition? Is your tuition strategy producing the desired goals? Reimagine Tuition, a series of resources from NAIS, will help you consider tuition in a new light.

Looking Ahead: The State of Education in 2022

Get insights into the enrollment landscape, including a look at education enrollment shifts that began well before the pandemic, many of which reflect national economic and demographic shifts. 

International Student Programs

These resources will help you better understand the market and learn best practices in building and maintaining a successful international student program.

Playlist: Video Resources to Help You Grow Enrollment

Additional Resources

12 Growth Mindsets for Enrollment

Recognizing an enrollment decline is the first step. Then deploying strategies and interventions can help schools change course.

In Practice: Building a Better School Brand

A school's brand positioning and core values should drive how it crafts and curate stories from across campus for use in everything from social media posts to donor newsletters.