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Trustee Training Tools

The NAIS Trustee Series offers easy-to-grasp guides for doing the job of trustee the right way, including performing basic duties, fundraising, conducting a head search, leading the board, and more.  

Leadership Through Partnership

This foundational governance program provides heads and board chairs dedicated time to build a collaborative relationship, learn about best practices, and explore challenges and opportunities at their school.

Deep Dive

Head of School Turnover at Independent Schools

The two parts of this report offer recommendations for identifying and addressing the complex nature of the head-board relationship, solidifying leadership sustainability for years to come. 

2021 State of Independent School Leadership Survey

Better understand what school leaders are thinking about their careers, how the leadership pipeline is evolving, and the impacts of the pandemic on leaders’ personal and professional lives.

Governance Case Studies

This collection features governance issues based on real-life situations, and can be used as part of a well-defined board education program to support effective governance practices.

Spring 2020: The Governance Issue

This issue explores critical issues at the heart of the foundational board-head relationship and examines how boards can be most effective, stay agile, and explore structures to ensure  accountability.

Playlist: Video Resources to Help You Promote Great Governance

Additional Resources

Boardroom: Understanding the Parent Trustee Role

It’s critical for boards to ensure that trustee training addresses the duality of this role, offers clear guidance, and maintains boundaries and accountability.