Independent School Magazine Email Sponsored Content

Independent School magazine is NAIS’s flagship quarterly publication covering essential education and management trends with a national and global perspective. Its highly engaged audience of decision makers turns to the magazine for the context, insight, and analysis that only NAIS can provide, as well as for the access to thought leaders, industry experts, and peers that helps them stay connected and in the know. 

Each issue of the magazine––which takes a deep dive into a timely, topical theme––is amplified with a three-part email series to promote the content to the full NAIS membership, expanding its reach far beyond the magazine's print circulation. We’re now offering the opportunity to include sponsor content in this email campaign.  

This highly contextual sponsorship opportunity allows you to highlight your expertise and thought leadership in each email. This includes a blurb with a link to relevant content on your company website.

Sponsor content must:
  • Be one of the following content types: blog post, case study, white paper, research report, or similar.
  • Relate to the theme of the magazine issue.
  • Already exist and be widely accessible on your website; readers should not have to provide contact information to view or download the content.
  • Not be a sales pitch for products, services, or events. 
NAIS has full discretion on what constitutes appropriate sponsor content. 

Upcoming issue themes will explore:
  • Summer 2024: Higher Education (Emails are sent in June, July, and August.*)
  • Fall 2024: Parents (Emails are sent in September, October, and November.*)
  • Winter 2025: Sustainability (Emails are sent in January, February, and March.*)
*exact dates TBD 

Learn more about each theme and be part of the conversation. 

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.