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The NAIS Member Voices podcast features stories from the thoughtful, hard-working individuals who make up the independent school community. You'll hear from faculty and staff at NAIS member schools about their roles, challenges, successes, inspiration sources, and more. Whether you are currently part of the NAIS community, considering joining, or simply interested in learning more about our industry, we hope you will listen and enjoy!

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Season 4 Episodes: 2020-21

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Episode 46: Jaimi Boehm, Director of Middle School, Wildwood School

Release Date: December 7
Jaimi shares her experience of navigating a new role and a pandemic at the same time. She also talks about how she and her colleagues led productive conversations during the presidential election and her podcast recommendations.
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Episode 45: Anne Glass, Head of School, Purnell School

Topic: Ensure Financial Sustainability
Anne talks with us about her journey from investment banking to headship, the unique value of an all-girls education, and the importance of knowing who you are as a school.
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Episode 44: Jamie Williamson, Head of School, The Windward School

Topic: Cultivate Diverse and Inclusive Communities
Jamie joins us to discuss how being a school psychologist has informed his approach to headship, the work he has done for children with learning differences, and what it was like being new to his school community when the pandemic hit.
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Episode 43: Ralinda Watts, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Associate Director of Admission, The Buckley School

Topic: Grow Enrollment

Ralinda tells us how she has dealt with the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice, how she feels the Black@ movement is the best “racial audit” for schools, and how she wants this time to be “not a moment but a movement.”

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Episode 42: Henry Fairfax, Head of School, Revolution School

Topic: Start Strong

Henry joins us to discuss what it was like dealing with a pandemic in his school’s first year, how his school is “planning around yellow lights” when preparing to reopen  in the fall, and what his experience has been like as a student, teacher, and administrator in independent schools.

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Episode 41: Aretina Hamilton, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Interlochen Center for the Arts

In this episode devoted to race and racism in independent schools, we speak with Aretina about how schools should “lean into being uncomfortable” when creating anti-racist spaces of belonging and how the Black@ movement provides school leaders with an opportunity to openly discuss the “whispers in the hallway.”
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Episode 40: The Trustee Table - Mastering Crisis Management: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Topic: Promote Great Governance

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