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9/27/2022 NAIS Webinar Membership, NAIS, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Maximize Your Membership: An NAIS Resource Overview
Make sure you’re making the most of your NAIS affiliation this school year. Join us for a brief overview of NAIS benefits—what they are, how to find them, and how they can help you and your school.
9/28/2022 Other Leadership, Management, Professional_Development, Workshops CATDC Workshop: Critical Skills for New Leaders
This two-day program is aimed at building the skills of educators who supervise and support individuals and teams at their schools. We will develop key skills and understandings to help all educators thrive.
9/28/2022 NAIS Webinar Research, Global, International, Webinar NAIS Webinar: Assessing the Impact of Global Education Programs
Over the past decade, many NAIS schools have been designing and offering immersive international learning experiences, yet most of these schools have not assessed or even explored any long-term impact of these programs on their students. This NAIS webinar will share the findings of a recent two-year research study with 195 young alumni from six different independent schools. 
10/7/2022 NAIS Leadership, Board_of_Trustees, Governance, Heads_of_School, NAIS, Professional_Development, Workshops NAIS Leadership Through Partnership (LTP)
The NAIS Leadership Through Partnership (LTP) workshop provides your school’s head and board leader(s) the chance to collaborate and strengthen their partnership. Away from busy day-to-day life, they can identify shared goals for their school. Together they learn more about the challenges that their school—and the independent school community—are facing. 
Washington, DC
10/12/2022 NAIS Innovation, Enrollment, Professional_Development, NAISStrategyLab NAIS Strategy Lab Innovation Sprint: Demand-Side Innovation for Enhancing Enrollment—Fall Session
​This Innovation Sprint helps schools attain a common language around why parents choose their school via NAIS’s Parent Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) research. Innovation Sprints are one-day, three-hour team-based events. You can meet on-campus or off, while the NAIS Strategy Lab team facilitates remotely.
10/12/2022 Other Finance, Innovation, Management, Webinar CATDC Webinar: Finance & Sustainability in Independent Schools: A Practical Approach to Management and Innovation
This five-session program will help educators develop practical financial management skills necessary for leadership roles in K-12 schools, both day schools and boarding schools. 
10/14/2022 Other Teachers, Equity_Justice, Growth, Webinar CATDC Webinar: Instructional Growth for Equity
In this yearlong learning experience, teachers will engage in a research-based process to promote instructional growth and equity in the classroom. 
Hillsborough, CA
10/18/2022 Other Leadership, Community, Professional_Development, Women_s_Issues CATDC Program: Learning from One Another: Cross-Generational Women’s Leadership
This program invites female-identifying humans in different seasons of their careers to come together to talk, reflect, tell stories, build skills, set goals, break bread, and share laughter. Ideally, the aim is to build a cohort representing different career phases and offering sustained support into the future.
San Francisco, CA
10/18/2022 NAIS Innovation, Professional_Development, NAISStrategyLab, Advancement NAIS Strategy Lab Innovation Sprint: Demand-Side Innovation for Advancement—Fall Session
This Innovation Sprint covers NAIS’s Donor Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) research and leads school teams through a design challenge that turns those insights into action. ​Innovation Sprints are one-day, three-hour team-based events.
10/21/2022 Other Leadership, Professional_Development CATDC Program: Women’s Group for Associate and Assistant Heads of School
Led by two experienced leaders in Associate and Assistant Head roles, the CATDC Assistant/ Associate Heads group will build community for women-identified leaders as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with these varied senior leadership positions. This program includes multiple sessions and retreat between October and April.
10/23/2022 Other Networking, Professional_Development, Conference SAIS Annual Conference
An informative, innovative, and comprehensive opportunity for independent school leaders to gather and discover proven strategies and emerging trends. Examine critical issues alongside colleagues from across the region.
Franklin, TN
10/23/2022 Other Board_of_Trustees, Heads_of_School, Workshops SAIS Board/Head Workshop
An opportunity for heads and board members to strengthen collaboration on current challenges, identify common goals, and strategically plan for the success of the school.
Franklin, TN
10/26/2022 Other Leadership, Business, Professional_Development, Conference 2022 MISBO Annual Conference: Bridge to the Future
Join your colleagues at the 2022 MISBO Annual Conference and work together to reimagine the potential of tomorrow’s education landscape, take lessons learned, and build a Bridge to the Future – one our schools, parents, and students want and need for tomorrow.
Savannah, GA
11/1/2022 NAIS Webinar Data, DASL, Webinar NAIS DASL Data Entry Webinar: Financial Operations with NAIS and NBOA
NBOA and NAIS data experts will help you feel more comfortable with the DASL layout and the process of entering your Financial Operations data.
11/1/2022 Other Teachers, Learning, Innovation, Language, Workshops CATDC Workshops: Now We’re Talking! Innovative Strategies for World Language Instruction
This five-part series of interactive workshops will help world language teachers hone their high-leverage instructional practices in service of students’ developing communicative proficiency in the three modes of communication.
11/3/2022 Other Professional_Development, Conference ISACS 2022 Annual Conference
This is a two-day conference with more than 135 sessions. The theme is New Ways to Do School: What We've Learned.
St. Paul, MN
11/14/2022 NAIS Financial_Aid, Enrollment, Professional_Development, Tuition, Workshops, NAISStrategyLab NAIS Strategy Lab Workshop: Reimagine Tuition—Fall Session
This three-day experience, November 14, 15, and 17, is designed to guide school teams through phases and frameworks to help identify pricing and affordability realities and opportunities. The workshop will introduce tools to examine where you stand on the affordability scale and provide examples of tuition innovation.
11/30/2022 NAIS Equity_Justice, Conference 2022 NAIS People of Color Conference
The 2022 NAIS People of Color Conference will convene November 30-December 3 in San Antonio, TX. This year’s theme—Reunited in Purpose: Elevating Our Worth, Our Agency, and Our Excellence—calls us together after the pandemic’s two-year disruption to connect with one another and the source of our highest personal and professional attributes and aspirations.
San Antonio, TX
11/30/2022 NAIS Diversity_and_Inclusion, Students, Conference 2022 NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference

The 2022 NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference will convene November 30-December 3 in San Antonio, TX. SDLC is a multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders (grades 9-12) from across the U.S. and abroad.

San Antonio, TX
12/7/2022 NAIS Talent_Management, Innovation, Hiring, Professional_Development, NAISStrategyLab NAIS Strategy Lab Innovation Sprint: Demand-Side Innovation for Attracting & Retaining Faculty
This Innovation Sprint covers NAIS’s Teacher Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) research and leads school teams through a design challenge that turns those insights into action. ​Innovation Sprints are one-day, three-hour team-based events.