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Review Best Practices for Equity and Justice

Guidelines for independent schools to create and sustain diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just communities that are safe and welcoming for all.

Deep Dive

Strengthening the Role of the DEI Practitioner

As longstanding equity issues in schools have been magnified over the past several months, learn how school leaders can turn a more critical eye to supporting this role. 

An Education in Racism

A writer and editor reflects on her education, racism, and creating safe spaces for people of color to share their authentic experiences.

Supporting LGBTQ Students and Faculty

Schools have come a long way in supporting LGBTQ students and faculty, but as these efforts continue, schools must take a hard look at how that mission aligns with actions.

Access for People With Disabilities

NAIS President Donna Orem explores the legal requirements related to students and employees with disabilities, and how to broaden the way schools think about access.

Playlist: Video Resources to Help You Cultivate Diverse and Inclusive Communities

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